‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby Drops High School Pic That Looks Exactly Like Her Daughter

by Leanne Stahulak

Last year, “American Pickers” star Danielle Colby dropped a throwback high school photo that we could’ve sworn was a snapshot of her 21-year-old daughter, Memphis.

It’s no secret that the two look scarily alike, even today. But Colby’s old high school pic only emphasizes the similarities between mother and daughter.

The U.S. Sun pointed out the look-alikes after Memphis dropped a new modeling pic on Instagram. In the snapshot, we see the dark hair, green eyes, and secret smile that she shares with the “American Pickers” star.

The outlet shared Memphis’ photo alongside this throwback pic from Colby, who posted it to Facebook last year on May 22. AKA, World Goth Day.

“Happy World Goth Day,” Colby captioned the post. The “American Pickers” star certainly seems to be channeling a more goth look, with a black top, short curled dark hair, a long necklace, and dark dangly earrings.

Even the shape of their face looks the same in the two pictures. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that the two also share a passion for modeling, especially in burlesque photo shoots. Memphis likes to update her Instagram with these risque snapshots, as does Colby.

But the “American Pickers” star also runs her own historical burlesque blog called “Stripping History.” She’ll post sneak peeks of her research on Instagram to entice fans to check out her Patreon. There, they can pay a small fee to read more about her research and check out the photos she models in to accompany them.

How ‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby’s ‘Look’ Caused Mike Wolfe To Hire Her

It’s funny that Danielle Colby acknowledges her early goth phase when that exact look is what contributed to her being signed on to “American Pickers.”

Back in 2010, hosts Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz held an in-person Q&A in Le Claire, Iowa. Wolfe opened up about how he and Colby had already known each other for 10 years. But when the show started up, the hosts knew they needed someone research and history-driven to help out with finding new picks.

Wolfe also had another piece of criteria in mind.

“I saw what she was capable of. She’s got the edge, she’s got the look,” the “American Pickers” host said.

“One thing I wanted when I hired her and I knew she was gonna be on camera,” Wolfe continued. “Is I wanted someone that did not look like they would work in an antique shop.”

He concluded, “Because I wanted our show to be looked at in a different way. I wanted people to look at antiques like they’re fun, they’re rad, they’re killer, they’re awesome. I wanted people to know that you don’t have to have a blue blazer and 10 cats to be an antique dealer. So I think we proved that now. Danielle has helped us do that.”