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‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Came Across a Big Discovery When He Finds Giant’s Shoes

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images for Red Earth)

Professional junk hunters never tire of scouring through piles of old and forgotten things. The “American Pickers” stars know this better than anyone. They’ve pretty much seen it all. But there’s always something valuable to be found.

Finding a hidden treasure can hours of sifting through garbage. But that’s okay – because the payout could be excellent. This is the case for Iowa-native Mike Wolfe. He lucks out finding a pair of shoes.

However, the shoes aren’t overly expensive. They’re not previously worn by a famous athlete. The shoes belonged to a 7-foot-tall man who weighed 500 pounds. Talk about a giant! Literally. When Wolfe finds the shoes, he immediately asks the owner (not the giant) who they belonged to. The owner quickly says that people come from all over to see the local giant’s shoes. It’s a little-known piece of history, the man tells Wolfe.

When Wolfe asks how much it would take for the man to part with the pair, he quickly shuts him down. The local man would rather keep them in town or donate them to the giant’s family, he said. The original owner of the shoes died sometime in the 70s, Wolfe was told.

Despite losing out on a big score, Wolfe said he understands why keeping the shoes there is important.

“It’s a piece of local history,” the “American Pickers” junker says.

“American Pickers” Mike Wolfe Opens Second Shop in Nashville

Despite being a midwest native – and claiming Iowa as his favorite spot – Mike Wolfe recently discussed why he decided to open up a second shop in Nashville. It seems pretty obvious to us, what with the amazing culture and the country-chic trends. It seems like a natural next step.

However, Mike Wolfe had a simpler answer.

“It was the closest place we could drive from Iowa where there was a major climate change,” he said.

That makes sense too, we suppose!

Nashville has an amazing nightlife, restaurants, and music scene – why shouldn’t they add antique shops to that list?

“The tourism industry here is incredible,” the “American Pickers” host continued.

In each location, both in Nashville and LeClaire, Iowa, Wolfe’s stores draw tourism for its famous owner, anyway. The stores also showcase unique, one-of-a-kind pieces as well as some really cool antiques available for purchase. Tourists can travel to the store to take photos, buy a gift or see something wild from the show.

The idea is to showcase items, like a museum. And then also function as an antique store. You get the best of both worlds – now in two locations!

“There’s so many people coming to town for a lot of different reasons,” the “American Pickers” star said of Nashville. “We’re just very blessed.”