‘American Pickers’: Why Mike Wolfe Chose Nashville as the Location for His Second Antique Archaeology Store

by Megan Molseed

American Pickers host, Mike Wolfe knew even early on in his life that he had a knack for discovering treasure among someone else’s “junk.”

Originally from a small Western Iowa town, the American Pickers star developed his love of searching for antiques while combing trash piles and rummage sales throughout the neighborhoods near his Bettendorf Iowa home.

Even at the tender age of five, Wolfe would be bringing home bikes he found in piles of junk.

From old bottles to collectible crates or unique posters. You name it, young Mike Wolfe found a purpose for almost anything.

Mike Wolfe Finds A New Adventure

This is why few were surprised when the Iowa native expanded his love of collecting antiques; opening his own store in 2000.

Wolfe’s LeClaire Iowa shop, Antique Archaeology, was located in the perfect spot for the Picker’s flagship store.

Sitting right along the Mississippi River, the small Iowa town is home to less than 4,000 residents. While LeClaire boasts an Iowa small-town charm, its location on the river brings many visitors to his shop each season.

However, shortly after his wildly popular History Channel show American Pickers premiered, Wolfe knew it was time to expand his brand; and open a new shop in someplace other than Iowa. But, where would be the best place for the Picker’s unique antique stores?

Well, Nashville Tennessee, of course!

“I thought a long time about where we wanted to open a second store,” Mike Wolfe said during an interview on The Hoss Seat. “And, Nashville was just it.”

‘American Pickers’ Finds A Nashville Home

The American Pickers host notes that there were two qualities he was looking for when picking a second Antique Archaeology location. Weather, and proximity to his home state of Iowa.

However, while choosing his new Nashville location, he also found his new home.

“It was the closest place we could drive from Iowa where there was a major climate change,” Wolfe explained of his decision to expand his Antique Archaeology into Music City.

“The tourism industry here is incredible,” the American Pickers host continued.

Shortly after opening his Nashville location, Wolfe and his family moved to the Tennessee city.

Giving Customers the Ideal Place For Every Interest

Both of Wolfe’s Antique Archaeology shops are designed to intrigue both the casual shopper and the avid collector.

The Nashville store, as well as Wolfe’s LeClaire, Iowa location, are intended to serve a sort of hybrid purpose; each is designed to serve as both a museum and a shop.

From home decor to unique finds, to one-of-a-kind antiques, shoppers are destined to find anything they are looking for at either location.

It is this connection Wolfe has with his customers in each location that makes his business; and the surrounding areas, successful.

“There’s so many people coming to town for a lot of different reasons,” the American Pickers star said of Nashville. “We’re just very blessed.”