‘Big Sky’ Drops First Season 2 Trailer: Ronald Returns, New Villains Appear

by Madison Miller

Just when we all thought “Big Sky” couldn’t get more violent, sinister, and full of drama, fans finally got a sneak peek of season two.

With a new batch of guest stars and the old iconic characters returning with a vengeance (literally), there’s a lot to unpack in the next season. The ABC drama is going to return on September 30.

The new season will start with Cassie (Kylie Bunbury) and Jenny (Katheryn Winnick) investigating an all-new gruesome mystery. Jesse James Keitel, who plays Jerrie, will also be returning for the new season.

Trailer for ‘Big Sky’ Season Two

Instead of following along with the Kleinsassers, which are mostly all dead at this point, this season is bringing in a new wave of craziness. It’s being mixed with our consistent not-so-friendly, on the loose killer, Ronald (Brian Geraghty). We’ve been following his story since season one. It all keeps getting darker as we delve deeper into his character.

Last season, we got left with a cliffhanger when the team arrested Ronald. However, he managed to escape with the help of a mysterious group he has connections with. He then got to drive off into the sunset alongside his new Bonnie-and-Clyde-type girlfriend, Scarlet.

Jenny and Cassie barely made it out alive. Jenny was shot and loaded into an ambulance and Cassie was seen going after Ronald in a fit of fury.

The new trailer, an exclusive from Entertainment Weekly, starts off with a man eerily driving down a lonely Montana highway. It’s relatively normal, that is until we see several plastic-wrapped bodies chilling in the backseat. Then, everyone’s biggest fear comes alive — that body sprouts to life and startles the driver so much that he gets into an awful accident.

The trailer also shows as a group of teenagers gets involved unknowingly in the situation. They take drugs and money from the guy’s car following the accident. You can hear Cassie saying, “Something bigger is going on here.”

You can’t help but feel like there’s a big connection waiting to spring into action. Between unknown forces helping Ronald to a trafficking business left unexplored, “Big Sky” definitely has a lot of avenues to go down. A new face warns Jenny and Cassie that there are eyes everywhere, on everyone.

Ronald appears at the end of the trailer with a lock around his neck trapped in a barn as well.

New Faces on the ABC Drama

If it couldn’t get any weirder, fans also get to welcome back John Carroll Lynch to the party. His character was graphically beat to death in his hospital bed by his wife. It has been confirmed that he will return to the series, but likely not as Rick Legarski. Instead, Legarski has a secret twin that will come to town.

If you can expect anything from “Big Sky,” learn to never get attached to characters and to expect a lot of messed up, dark storylines. The showrunner of the series, Elwood Reid, is adamant about an interesting kind of character-viewer connection.

“We’re going to bring somebody on that you’re going to fall in love with, and then eventually we’re going to kill them,” Reid said. Sounds like déjà vu. We’re looking at you, Ryan Phillippe.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Troy Johnson, TV Carpio, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Arturo Del Puerto, Madelyn Kientz, Michael Malarkey, Logan Marshall-Green, and Janina Gavankar are some of those new faces. Several of which appear to be taking on a sinister role in the series.