‘Big Sky’ Showrunner Just Dropped a Bomb of a Spoiler About Cassie’s Past and Dead Husband

by Megan Molseed

We have spent an entire season with Jenny Hoyt and Cassie Dewell in Big Sky, and we’ve loved every minute of it.

During season one of the popular ABC mystery series, we met the two women; as they came together searching for Jenny’s husband Cody. Which, it so happens is tied into the mysterious disappearance of two teenage girls. One of whom is the girlfriend of Jenny and Cody’s son, Justin.

As Big Sky fans followed Cassie Dewell and Jenny Hoyt in the first season of the hit series, we learn the two women have known each other for some time.

However, the two have recently had a pretty major falling out after Jenny and Cody were separated. As Big Sky’s first season progresses, we learn more and more about each woman…only the information comes little by little, bit by bit.

Cassie and Jenny May Be Full Of Mystery – But Their Strength Is Not

However, one thing that is clear within the first few minutes of Big Sky, is that Jenny and Cassie’s strength is a major part of the series. And a lot of what makes the series so, so good.

But, with this strength, a lot of mystery lies within the detectives’ pasts.

One of these mysterious pieces of the women’s past is the story behind Cassie’s husband, Andrew. Early on in the first season of Big Sky, we learn that Andrew was killed in Afghanistan. But, so far, little else has been revealed.

But as Big Sky producer Elwood Reid notes to TVLine, season two will reveal more about this piece of Cassie Dewell’s past. And, the producer notes, we will also learn a little more about Jenny Hoyt as well.

“There’s someone from Jenny’s past that comes back in the latter half of the season,” says Reid of the upcoming season of Big Sky. “And we haven’t gotten there yet, but there’s going to be someone from Cassie’s past life that has something to do with her dead husband.”

‘Big Sky’ Finds a Hit In Season One

Kylie Bunbury portrays Cassie Dewell. When we first meet Cassie, she is running Big Sky’s Dewell & Hoyt private detective agency with Cody Hoyt. After Cody’s disappearance, Jenny, who is played by Katheryn Winnick, joins Cassie at the agency to track down Cody and the missing girls. Eventually, they learn their disappearance is related to the disappearance of someone else, Jerrie.

As the two women are joining together in an effort to search for Cody, we already know he’s dead. Sadly, we see him be shot and killed by Rick Legarski, who’s in on the trafficking ring.

Eventually Big Sky season one finds Cassie and Jenny as they are joined by Mark Lindor, a US Marshal who joins the agency in their search for Ronald, one of the men behind the kidnapping and Cody’s murder.

As season one came to a close, Jenny, Cassie, and Lindor find themselves fighting for their lives.

After tracking down Ronald, one of the men responsible for the kidnapping and Cody’s murder, Cassie, Lindor, and Ronald’s vehicle is hit by a mysterious truck, sending them flying through the air. Jenny is in another car, following the three.

Two men step out of the truck and attack the detectives. Mark is knocked unconscious, but Jenny is able to fight back. Protecting Cassie and Lindor, Jenny eventually kills one of the two attackers. The other, however, manages to capture Ronald…shooting Jenny in his escape.

New Mysteries, and Startling Revelations

While the ending left Big Sky fans wondering about the fate of those behind the Dewell and Hoyt detective agency, TVLine notes that fans can relax.

All three will be back in the new season. And, the upcoming new season will include some new faces such as The Soprano’s alum Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

Sigler plays a waitress named Tonya who hires the detectives for one of the upcoming season two mysteries. The series will also be welcoming Madelyn Kientz as a babysitter for Cassie’s child. According to one of the show’s producers, Elwood Reid, this character is a major addition. She is one that is going to “pull in all of our characters.”

So, maybe she will be bringing some information about Cassie’s husband? We will be ready to find out when the series returns on September 30. The mysteries are already getting Big Sky deep and the season hasn’t even begun!