‘Big Sky’ Star Katheryn Winnick Says Audiences Are Getting ‘Jenny 2.0’ in Season Two

by Anna Dunn

Big Sky actress Katheryn Winnick says that Audiences should expect a new Jenny in season 2. The show is gearing up for its season 2 premiere after the season 1 finale left Jenny in a life-threatening position.


Jenny was shot right before the credits rolled. Promos for the second season show Jenny barely clinging to life in a hospital as she’s rushed to surgery. In a new preview for Big Sky, it looks like Jenny may be asking to re-join the force.

“All I could think of when I was staring at the hospital ceiling is what it meant to have that badge. The power it gives you. I have a second chance. A do-over and I wanna take it,” she tells the Chief in the sneak peek.

Jenny’s Near-Death Experience Changes Her

When asked about the major changes Jenny will undertake this season on Good Morning America, Winnick talked about Jenny’s development after getting shot.

“We got Jenny 2.0. She had a near-death experience at the end of season 1. We pick her up in season 2 just moments after she got shot and she now has a new perspective on life,” she explained. Many Big Sky fans were too busy worrying about whether or not Jenny would survive to ponder how an experience like this would change her. But it definitely looks like it has.

“Things are going to be different. They are definitely going to be different this year,” Winnick continued. It also looks like that conversation with the Chief is successful for Jenny.

“You see Jenny in a new light. She’s now becoming a Sherrif so she wants to take back control. She’s now going to be trying to be more effective as she has that badge.”

Apparently, there are even some love interests coming Jenny’s way in the next season.

Season 2 of Big Sky Also Has a New Story and a New Cast

While Ronald isn’t going away, season 2 is going to have a major new story and a fresh new cast to go along with it. It also looks like a chunk of the season actually takes place in New Mexico as well. The drama of season 2 begins to unfold when a man gets in a car crash. However, it doesn’t look like an accident. Cassie and Jenny are called to investigate.

It’ll be interesting to see how Jenny’s new status as a Sheriff will impact her working relationship with Cassie. The show’s heart is the two women working together to solve these cases, but Jenny’s new badge may complicate things.

If you want to catch the first episode of Big Sky season 2, you can tune in to ABC tomorrow, Thursday September 30th, at 9pm Central. The show’s shiny new time slot has it airing after Grey’s Anatomy, which should help give it a leg up in the ratings.