‘Big Sky’ Star Natalie Lind Poses for Series of Eye-Catching ‘Pillow Talks’ Photos

by Madison Miller

Natalie Lind cozied up for a black-and-white photo on her Instagram account. The former “Big Sky” actor posted an image relaxing in bed with the caption, “pillow talks, about poutine and michael myers.”

Lind is recognizable from her major role as Danielle Sullivan during the first half of season one of “Big Sky.” She played one of the young girls that were kidnapped by Ronald Pergman and Montana Highway Patrol Officer Rick Legarski.

She was trapped alongside her sister, Grace Sullivan, as well as Jerrie Kennedy, a former sex worker and aspiring singer. After the trio was rescued by Jenny and Cassie, Kennedy began working for the Dewell & Hoyt detective agency.

Danielle and Grace were traveling to Montana together on a road trip to visit Danielle’s boyfriend. The boyfriend happens to be Justin Hoyt, the son of Jenny Hoyt. In many ways, it was this original plotline that kicked the entire show and all its drama into gear.

Sadly, Natalie Lind left the show shortly after her character was rescued. She did not appear in the second half of season one, just as “Big Sky” took a drastic turn to focus on a different narrative.

Natalie Lind ‘Pet Sematary’ Project

Although she hasn’t been on “Big Sky” in quite a bit, nor is she appearing in season two that airs on September 30, Natalie Lind is still keeping busy.

The actor is going to appear in the upcoming “Pet Sematary” project. Paramount had a 2019 adaptation of the popular Stephen King story. Now, Paramount Players is behind the new prequel project that will air on Paramount+.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, so far, the cast is slowly growing. Jack Mulhern (“Mare of Easttown”) and Forrest Goodluck (“The Revenant”) have so far joined this currently unnamed project.

Natalie Lind is also amongst the cast, although her role is currently unknown. Some of her other work besides “Big Sky” includes “The Goldbergs,” “Tell Me a Story,” and “The Gifted.”

Also appearing in the upcoming project will be Samantha Mathis, Henry Thomas, Jackson White, Isabella Star LeBlanc, and Pam Grier. Lindsey Beer will be directing and she also wrote the script for the film.

It’s a pretty big project for Natalie Lind. The actor is now getting entangled in a movie franchise that has already spurred two successful movies in 1989 and 2019. According to Deadline, the two combined grossed a total of more than $170 million.

While she may not be in a small Montana town on “Big Sky” anymore, Natalie Lind is also still proving she’s got some Western skills. The actor recently went on a trip with friends to Montreal, Canada.

In the photo dump she shared on Instagram, Lind has a few photos and videos that show off her impressive archery skills. In “Big Sky,” her sister on the show got shot in the leg by an arrow while being chased by Rick Legarski.

At least Lind would know how to defend herself with some bow and arrows if it was ever a necessity.