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Bindi Sue Irwin and Baby Daughter Grace Warrior Are All Smiles in Beautiful New Photo

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

Bindi Sue Irwin, daughter of the late (and great) Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, is all grown up. She’s come a long way since her “Jungle Girl” series back in 2007, but we can bet her dad would be just as proud of her now. She continues to further his conservation efforts while also balancing raising a family of her own.

After meeting the love of her life at the Australian Zoo that she calls home, Bindi tied the knot with Chandler Powell in 2020. Not long after, the pair welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world. They decided to give her a strong name: Grace Warrior. In the latest snap from Bindi, she and Grace are all smiles. It’s simply too cute not to share.

Bindi Sue Irwin and Grace Warrior Say Cheese

Bindi Sue Irwin is an Australian native– and a proud one, at that. Her latest snap shared with almost 5 million followers features some of Australia’s beautiful foliage in the background. Still, the stars of the snap are Bindi herself and her daughter, Grace Warrior. They share a loving embrace while saying “cheese” for the camera. Bindi sports a plain black crewneck and might be a little outdone by Grace sporting her big pink bow.

Bindi keeps the caption short and sweet, writing: “Babyyyyyy 💛”

Chandler Powell doesn’t miss a beat, chiming in with “Love my girls❤️” in the comments.

The Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Warriors also added some love in the form of two blue hearts: “💙💙”

Throwing It Back to ‘Bindi the Jungle Girl’

Although her original series doesn’t appear to be available to stream on any platform anymore, there’s still a plethora of footage from Bindi Sue Irwin’s younger days. She often accompanied her father to various talk shows and conferences.

Take this Oprah throwback, for example. The daddy-daughter duo teamed together to bring the Oprah audience a baby python back in 2002. While Oprah is a little hesitant to get near the snake, Bindi proudly exclaims they’re her favorite animal. She follows that exclamation by giving the python a kiss right on its head.

The Irwins are one of the biggest family names in the world of animal conservation efforts. If Bindi’s childhood is any indication of how she’ll raise Grace Warrior, it won’t be long until we have another little animal lover crawling around. Little Grace just turned 6 months old and the resemblance is definitely there.

Take a look at this adorable throwback footage of Bindi the “Jungle Girl. Then re-visit that snap of Grace above. Do you think Grace looks more like Bindi or daddy, Chandler?