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Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus Is ‘Grateful’ After Finishing 5th Round of Chemo

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

Once again, Blink-182 bassist and co-singer Mark Hoppus has shared another update on his ongoing treatment as he continues to battle cancer. Per usual, the musician is staying positive as he bravely faces his disease head-on.

Doctors diagnosed the “What’s My Age Again” singer with stage 4 diffuse large B-cell lymphoma back in April. He announced his disease to his fans a couple of months later in June and has shared numerous updates on his health ever since.

On Wednesday, he posted another update on Twitter. Hoppus revealed that he completed his latest round of chemotherapy a few weeks ago. Later this month he’ll return to get scanned to find out if the chemo treatments were a success. In his message, Mark Hoppus said he’s “grateful” he hasn’t had to have chemo recently. The musician has gotten used to reoccurring treatments every three weeks, which shouldn’t be the norm for anyone.

“Today I’m grateful to not be going in for chemotherapy. It’s been three weeks since my last treatment,” Mark Hoppus wrote on Twitter. “Normally I’d be going in today. ‘Normally.’ Damn. Getting pumped full of poison every three weeks is my normal. On the 29th I get scanned and will know if it worked.”

Mark Hoppus Opens Up About Struggling With Chemotherapy Side Effects

Chemotherapy takes a toll on anyone who undergoes the cancer-related treatments. Mark Hoppus has found that out the hard way in recent months. However, the Blink-182 rock star is typically in positive spirits even when admitting he struggles at times with the disease and chemo treatments.

A few months ago, Hoppus spoke candidly about his ongoing treatments. He was honest about the side effects of chemo and opened up to his fans about the process.

“Let me tell you something that is real, and it absolutely sucks. A side effect of the chemotherapy is you get something called ‘chemo brain.’ And for me, I forget things that I should have just on call. Like people’s names, song titles, like anything. I just forget stuff. People will be talking to me, and five minutes later I’ll ask them a question, and they’ll be like, ‘I just told you that five minutes ago.’ So, kind of sucks,” Hoppus said in July.

Despite the negative side effects of his treatments, the Blink-182 frontman is confident he’ll win his battle with the disease.

“We’re beating this cancer,” Hoppus told his fans. “It’s just a matter of time.”

Additionally, he has his family, friends, bandmates, and thousands of fans pulling for him. Fellow Blink-182 band member and drummer Travis Barker has publicly shown his support for Hoppus and his cancer fight.

“Mark is my brother and I love and support him,” Barker told E! News in a statement. “I will be with him every step of the way on stage and off and can’t wait for us to play together again soon.”