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‘Blue Bloods’ Drops New Season 12 Teaser, Reveals What May Be Focus of Premiere Episode

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images)

OK “Blue Bloods” fans, we think the CBS drama may have tipped its cap about the season-opening episode on Monday.

In this clip sent out from the show’s Twitter account, you’ll be able to see members of the Reagan family at the dinner table. Nothing new there, right, Outsiders? Yet before that scene, we hear something about “some random person getting attacked on the streets for no reason.” It’s happening every week, according to the voiceover.

Then you’ll notice that one of the Reagan kids asks Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck, what could be done about it.

We’re not giving away anymore when it comes to “Blue Bloods.” Outsiders, take a look at this short clip and get ready for the season opener on Friday, Oct. 1, at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central.

As we said, Selleck appears in the clip as he sits at the head of the table.

Others making appearances here include Bridget Moynahan, Vanessa Ray, and Donnie Wahlberg. Moynahan plays Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan, Ray plays Officer Eddie Janko-Reagan, and Walhberg plays Detective Danny Reagan.

Get your “Blue Bloods” fix fed above and get ready for the season opener coming up in days.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Said It Was ‘Inevitable’ For Him To Direct Episodes Of Show

Wahlberg has been on “Blue Bloods” since the show’s first episode in 2010.

But as a director and not as an actor? Well, don’t be surprised as Wahlberg has spent time on TV and movie sets in his career. Of course, music fans may know him from his time with “New Kids on the Block.”

We’re talking about directing right now, though.

“I think it was inevitable that I would eventually start directing,” Wahlberg said in a 2014 interview.

He said it wasn’t a surprise that he felt a pull toward spending time behind the camera on “Blue Bloods.”

“I think, for one, I have too much energy,” Wahlberg said. “I find myself sort of directing the scenes anyway when I’m on set. Switching lines around and moving things here and there.”

In 2014, Donnie Wahlberg directed an episode titled “Manhattan Queens.” It featured his Danny Reagan character and his fellow NYPD officer, Maria Baez, played by Marisa Ramirez. They are working to solve the murder of a New York City drag queen.

Wahlberg said he knew that he was at least a little prepared to step into the director’s role.

“I know the ‘cop work’ better than any of the directors that come in here,” Wahlberg said. “They don’t really work with cops as much as I do.”

But he took control of the set and led actors through the episode.