‘Blue Bloods’: Fans Did Not Like This Season 8 Storyline

by Joe Rutland

Some of the most dedicated TV fans watch Blue Bloods on Friday nights. They love their storylines. But one from Season 8 didn’t click too much with them. That’s a rarity because the show about New York Police Department members who also are family keeps things lively. Whether it involves Danny Reagan or his father, NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan, there’s always something going on. In this Blue Bloods episode from Season 8, though, fans did not like what took place at all.

‘Blue Bloods’ Episode Leaves Fans Somewhat Confused

Firstly, the title of the episode is Legacy. It has some plot twists that happen to cross the lines. One of them has Danny, played by Donnie Wahlberg, thinking about a new job for financial reasons. Secondly, Nicky, played by Sami Gayle, is dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace. Thirdly, fans of Blue Bloods get their feathers ruffled about a storyline with Frank, played by Tom Selleck. Well, he has to deal with some media members after a rookie cop asks for a pedestrian’s immigration status.

Now, if you watch the show enough, then you know that Frank has to make tough decisions as the commissioner. Of course, some of them will not end up in a happy solution. Fans appear to be in some agreement that in Legacy, the decision Frank makes is just weird. We get more from Looper.

There are a number of bad reviews on this episode’s IMDb page. Many of them write about being confused when Frank fires an officer who apparently did everything by the book. One fan writes: “Frank was so out of character. He has always stuck up for his cops. This episode is not believable.” A Redditor chimed in, too, saying, “I think I’ve watched my last episode of Blue Bloods.”

Viewers Think Frank Reagan Was Out Of Line With Decision

What in the world is going on here! People think Frank was out of character in his decision. Well, this Blue Bloods episode just ranks as a low-rated one and, well, a stinker to many.

But overall, Blue Bloods does keep its fans invested. The Reagan family interactions are something to behold. People who tune into CBS on Friday nights do love those dinner table scenes. They add an extra touch of love and compassion when things get really tough.

Yet they all know that Frank Reagan has a tough job. Being the commissioner is not for the faint of heart. Decisions come and go, yet making the right call isn’t always easy. Sure, a TV show has about an hour to make storylines fit. Blue Bloods has been doing solid work for many seasons.