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‘Blue Bloods’: Linda Reagan Actor Amy Carlson Revealed Her Favorite Scene After Leaving in Season 7

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Blue Bloods star Amy Carlson abruptly left the CBS series before the season 8 premiere. According to the show, her contract was up. And Amy was ready to make a career change. But the Linda Reagan actress still loved her time with the show. And in an interview with Deadline, she talked about a couple of her favorite on-screen moments. 

The 2017 fall premiere of Blue Bloods was devastating for millions of devoted fans. Unlike most long-running TV series, Blue Bloods had managed to keep their original stars around. So viewers were able to connect with each character and expect them to return each week and each season. But that all changed when the producers killed off Linda Reagan

During the fateful episode, we learned that Danny Reagan’s wife Amy had died in an off-screen helicopter crash. The death was never shown. And the write-off came as a complete surprise. No one had any reason to believe Linda wouldn’t come back. 

Once the show ended, fans quickly jumped on social media to voice their anger and confusion. And touched by their sentiment, Carlson penned a letter on Instagram.

“My heart is full of gratitude to each of you for your generous support of me and my character for the last seven years of Blue Bloods – Linda Reagan.”

Amy Carlson Remembers Her Favorite ‘Blue Bloods’ Scenes

Even though Amy Carlson is no longer Linda Reagan, she still has fond memories of Blue Bloods. And in her Deadline interview, she spoke about her favorite scenes.

During a season six episode called Help Me, Help You, Linda was arguing with her husband, Danny. She was exhausted by all of his secrets, and she had reached her breaking point.

” [After the argument] Danny comes back in, and he sits down next to her, and she says, you know, you need to be honest with me, and you can’t hide things from me,” Carlson remembered. She enjoyed acting out emotional scenes. During her run on the show, Carlson had a lot of tension and love with Detective Reagan. So, they had a lot of intense moments. But her favorite on-screen conversation with Danny was particularly touching.

“Just whenever there were moments where we connected on a deeper level, on a human level that was, beyond acting, but as two humans playing these characters. Those are all my favorite moments,” she said.

But that wasn’t the only memory that came to her mind. She also recalled an earlier episode, all the way from season 2, when Danny was helping a kid named Jack.

“I loved an episode that Brian Burns wrote, The Job from Season 2. He wrote this great episode about how Danny’s teaching the kid, Jack, how to use a gun, and Linda walks in on them.”