‘Blue Bloods’: Tom Selleck Addresses Why It Would Be ‘Difficult’ for Frank Reagan to Have a Love Interest

by Megan Molseed

Blue Bloods fans know that a lot is going on each week on the popular CBS TV series. With so many core cast members on the hit police procedural series, each episode of Blue Bloods follows multiple interesting and exciting storylines.

Some of these storylines are resolved in the episode, while others continue on for another few weeks. And this, notes longtime actor Tom Selleck, is likely one of the reasons his Blue Bloods character Police Commissioner and Reagan family patriarch Frank Reagan likely won’t be seeing a love interest introduced in the series anytime soon.

“If you’re doing four stories per show, it’s difficult,” Tom Selleck says. Selleck also adds that Frank’s devotion to his job – and law enforcement in general – also makes a potential Frank Reagan romance difficult.

“And Frank, being who he is, makes it hard,” the Magnum P.I. star continues.

“He’s devoted to what he does on the job and to his kids,” Selleck continues. “But he’s kind of a man alone.”

Tom Selleck May Not See A Love Interest For Frank Reagan In the Future, But He’s Glad Fans Are Rooting For It

Tom Selleck doesn’t see Frank Reagan romancing any future Blue Bloods character anytime soon. However, the actor notes he is glad that fans are thinking along these lines.

“I am happy people want that,” Tom Selleck says of a future romantic relationship with Frank Reagan.

“Frank is human,” the actor says.

“He hasn’t been completely chaste since he lost his wife,” he adds. Selleck also notes that if there is a romance in Frank’s near future, it would likely happen with a particular character, Sloane Thompson who is portrayed by actress Alex Kingston.

Alex Kingston as Sloane Thompson, Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan. Credit: Giovanni Rufina/CBS @2016 CBS Broadcasting

“This season, a woman (Alex Kingston) he’d had an encounter with when she was a city of London police commander returned,” the Blue Bloods star explains. However, Selleck says, even this is not a likely scenario.

“Frank’s still wearing his wedding ring,” he says. “Will he ever deal with that?”

Tom Selleck Offers His Take on Why ‘Blue Bloods’ Continues To Be a Primetime Success

Tom Selleck recently explained why he thinks the hit CBS series has seen continued success for so many years. The key, Selleck notes, is the connection the Blue Bloods audience feels for the show’s characters.

“The cop drama is a backdrop for the lives of the five main characters,” Selleck explains.

“The audience is so in the heads of these characters that the biggest jeopardy in our show is often when one of the relationships in the Irish Catholic family looks like it’s going south,” he explains.