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‘Blue Bloods’ Actor Vanessa Ray Calls Certain Storylines of Show ‘Intimidating’

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Arturo Holmes/Getty Images)

While “Blue Bloods” is one of network television’s powerful dramas, one cast member sees some of those storylines as “intimidating.”

Vanessa Ray, who plays Officer Eddie Janko-Reagan on the CBS show, was asked about how the show brings real-life situations to scripts. She replied as part of an interview with The Nerds of Color.

“I like that it’s intimidating,” Ray said. “I mean it’s a challenge to try and get it right. Present the information, have a dialogue, and let the chips fall where they may. Bridget [Moynahan] and Roslyn Ruff have navigated some big topics. Their work this season was a highlight to watch.”

Moynahan plays Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan. Now Ruff plays her boss, District Attorney Kimberly Crawford. There has been tension between the two as their roles on “Blue Bloods” do clash. It’s just the nature of the beast when it comes to legal cases.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Joined Cast As Eddie Janko In Show’s Fourth Season

But the show does take those storylines seriously. Sometimes, Outsiders, the show brings up real-time issues and situations. It’s always handled professionally as Tom Selleck, who plays NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan, would want it to be done.

Ray became a regular cast member on “Blue Bloods” in the show’s fourth season.

She’s married to Landon Beard, her second marriage, and they exchanged vows in 2015. Ray splits her time between Los Angeles and New York, where a lot of “Blue Bloods” episodes are filmed.

Speaking of Ray’s main show these days, “Blue Bloods” returns for its 12th season this fall on CBS.

Ray Used Dinner Table Scenes As Support When Dealing With Husband’s Family

Who says you cannot learn anything from those “Blue Bloods” dinner scenes? Don’t tell Ray that all.

It seems that the actress had to use her experience when at the big table personally. Ray married Beard and needed to have some reps when learning to work into his family. Let’s let Ray talk about it.

“I feel like I had to learn how to act at those scenes from Eddie,” she said. “That sounds crazy, but my first reaction being at those dinner table scenes with legends—people who’ve been in the business for so many years—was to be scared.”

After all, she’s among heavy-acting hitters like Selleck, Moynahan, and Donnie Wahlberg.

“I would walk in and my confidence level was shook but what was on the page was never that,” Ray said. “Eddie speaks her mind. When I came into my husband’s family it was the same kind of thing, and having gone through it on the show, I was able to be more honest in my real life and not shy away from outspoken moments.”