‘Blue Bloods’: Was Season 11 Far Too Brutal for Maria Baez?

by Caitlin Berard

The police procedural drama Blue Bloods is an incredibly successful series, earning millions of dedicated fans in addition to critical acclaim. That said, it’s far from appropriate for young viewers. In addition to the foul language, drinking, and drug use portrayed in the show, there’s no shortage of violence.

Typically, this isn’t an issue for Blue Bloods fans. They know what they’re getting into when they turn on the show. That said, the level of violence shown in Season 11 was a little too much for even the most avid Blue Bloods fans – specifically, the violence toward Maria Baez.

In a Reddit thread discussing their rewatch of Blue Bloods Season 11, one fan expressed their concern for the brutality toward NYPD Detective Maria Baez.

“Yikes, the writers really hated Baez this season. She gets thrown down the stairs by a serial killer who tries to kill her again later,” they wrote. “An ex shows up dead on her doorstep, someone breaks into her house and attacks her with a knife… It seems like a lot to happen in one year. I was half expecting her to quit at the end of the season.”

Though it’s true Maria Baez went through a lot last season, she wasn’t the only female character to face extreme violence. For some Blue Bloods fans, however, this isn’t necessarily a positive. “It wasn’t just her,” another fan pointed out. “Eddie and Baker also got beat up. The violence against women last season was terrible.”

Is the Maria Baez Character Leaving ‘Blue Bloods’?

The many ordeals faced by Maria Baez in Season 11 left some Blue Bloods wondering if the actress behind the character, Marisa Ramirez, was on her way out. After all, it’s not uncommon for popular characters to be killed off to facilitate an actor’s desire to leave a show.

Season 12 of Blue Bloods saw Maria Baez becoming more and more disillusioned with her job. The trials of daily life as a detective weighed on her mental health. And though her partner, Donnie Wahlberg’s Danny Reagan, attempted to convince her otherwise, it appeared her time with the department was coming to an end. Then, in the midst of her mental turmoil, Baez suffers a physical injury as well when she’s shot while assisting with an investigation.

That’s quite a series of events, and certainly could point to a coming end to the Maria Baez character. Despite the character’s rocky season, however, there’s no evidence to suggest that Marisa Ramirez is leaving the show.

Neither Ramirez nor CBS have released a statement addressing the rumor. Additionally, Marisa Baez appears on Season 12 Episode 10 of Blue Bloods, the episode following the one in which she receives emergency care for her gun shot wound. Maria Baez is also a fan-favorite character with many more stories to tell. With that in mind, all signs point to no, Maria Baez is not leaving Blue Bloods.