‘Blue Bloods’: Why Jamie Reagan Actor Will Estes Wants to Do a ‘Musical Episode’

by Joe Rutland

Will Estes, who plays Jamie Reagan on Blue Bloods, has an idea for a different type of episode beyond the usual drama. Yes, Estes believes that a musical episode would be a good idea. He wants to do one. Can you imagine seeing Donnie Walhberg break out into a New Kids on the Block dance as Danny Reagan? Hey, in Estes’ world, anything is possible.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Will Estes Wants To Put Show Into Music

“We’ve all talked about doing a musical episode that’s ‘all a dream’ at the end of it,” Estes told Nerds of Color. “As in one of the characters wakes up and has dreamed a musical version of a ‘Blue Bloods’ episode.” This really is not as far-fetched as you might think. Yes, I did mention Wahlberg breaking out a move or two. Of course, Blue Bloods does have a cast filled with talent. They could pull this off should producers give it a go-ahead.

One person who would be a good addition to this musical episode is Len Cariou. He already is part of the cast as Retired NYPD Commissioner Henry Reagan, who happens to be called “Pops” by Estes’ Jamie Reagan. Cariou originated the role of Sweeney Todd on Broadway and took home a Tony Award. During Blue Bloods, he happened to share the stage for a school talent show with Nicky Reagan-Boyle, played by Sami Gayle.

Other TV Shows Have Introduced Music To Their Fans Over The Years

Meanwhile, TV shows have adjusted their paths for musical notes. If you have caught Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Grey’s Anatomy, then you know they have done episodes filled with music. Comedies like The Simpsons and Community have adjusted their storylines to bring in some melodies.

Classic TV fans might remember The Honeymooners, which starred Jackie Gleason, Art Carney, Audrey Meadows, and Joyce Randolph. After filming the “Classic 39” in the 1955-56 TV season for CBS, Gleason introduced musical portions of extended sketches. These were the “Trip to Europe” series of shows on The Jackie Gleason Show. Gleason would bring this back to his 1960s shows in Miami Beach.

Still, here’s a very successful drama about law enforcement in New York City. Fans of the show are used to seeing serious, thought-provoking scenes between these family members. Putting Blue Bloods into the world of musical episodes would definitely be a change of pace. Estes, though, could pull it off with the cast that is assembled. It would be interesting to see if Tom Selleck or Bridget Moynahan would be up to singing a few tunes. In the language of TV shows, I would encourage you to stay tuned and see if this really happens.