Candace Cameron Bure Says Goodbye to September and Hello to Fall in Stunning New Pic

by Amy Myers

Candace Cameron Bure is giving off pumpkin spice vibes in her latest photo on Instagram. The Fuller House actress struts barefoot across her backyard in a chestnut-colored T-shirt gown, as if to officially greet the fall season. Always dressed with impeccable taste, Cameron Bure shows fans that with the new weather comes a new wardrobe, and it’s just as breathtaking as her summerwear.

“Bye September. Walking into a fall harvest,” the actress captioned the shot.

Conveniently enough, the wife of a fellow Full House star, Melissa Coulier took the gorgeous shots for Candace Cameron Bure. The model-worthy subject even tagged the designer responsible for the curve-hugging dress, Alix NYC, in the photo for fans that wish to capture the Cameron Bure look for themselves.

The earth-toned T-shirt dress isn’t the only gown that Candace Cameron Bure has adorned lately. Per the actress’ Instagram, she also wore a blue spaghetti-strap dress, making her look like a modern Cinderella. And perhaps this was her intention, as Cameron Bure retold a famous episode of Full House that occurred at Disney World. She posted a clip of recap alongside the photo, describing the moment when Steve, DJ Tanner’s sweetheart, arrived at the park to see her.

Candace Cameron Bure Creates Her Own Clothing Line

If you couldn’t already tell, outside of her role on Fuller House, Candace Cameron Bure’s passion is fashion. When she’s not running lines or shooting a scene, she’s likely in touch with her designers, coming up with new ideas for the next installment. Earlier this year, in collaboration with QVC, the star dropped the Candace Cameron Bure clothing line. Once her clothes hit shelves, the actress and clothing designer shared her excitement for the new project with People.

“Clothing has been something I’ve wanted to do for so long,” Cameron Bure shared. “I just love fashion and I always have since I was a little girl.”

Cameron Bure emphasized the importance of inclusivity with her clothes for women of all shapes, sizes and lifestyles.

“I truly believe it’s for every woman between their 20s and their 80s. All women, all shapes, all sizes. I want everyone to feel great.”

That also means that she wants to create clothes for every season – literally and metaphorically.

“As I’ve gone through different seasons of life, the needs in my wardrobe have changed,” Candace Cameron Bure shared. “I’m a working woman and a mom first and I need clothes that are going to work with me, that are going to move with me. But I never want to sacrifice style.”