Candace Cameron Bure Takes Swipe at Hollywood in New Post Showing Off Emmys Dress

by Kati Michelle

“Fuller House” star Candace Cameron Bure isn’t new to Hollywood or critics either, for that matter. She’s taken on plenty of noble causes over the years, namely with spreading the gospel and fighting worldwide hunger. As one of the OG family sitcom actresses, she’s learned a lot about the business in her decade’s long career. This means the good, the bad, and the ugly. The latest Instagram post from Candace Cameron Bure seemingly references the bad and ugly parts by taking a swipe at Hollywood. You’ll have to see for yourself.

Candace Cameron Bure: “Say What You Want”

Let’s start with the long caption from Candace Cameron Bure’s personal Instagram page, shared with 5 million followers. There’s a lot to unpack here.

“Say what you want about Hollywood, I know, I’m with you… but for an actor, the Emmys are beyond exciting. It’s hard to believe Fuller House was nominated in 2018 for Family comedy. It was a thrill I’ll never forget. Grateful to be in this industry. I love what I do. #actress #emmy

So her jab at Hollywood in the first sentence there is a bit vague. From past interviews and remarks from the star, however, it might have something to do with trying to find a delicate balance between Christianity and fame. In a past interview with Fox News, the star opened up about keeping her moral compass front and center before accepting any new gigs. Actually, she passed on several scripts over the years that she felt didn’t align with her faith and values.

Still, some fans take issue with her appearance at the Emmys given the above. These small voices are drowned out by thousands of other supporters, however.

@marynaddeo writes: “It also shows you can be in a corrupt environment and not let it corrupt you 💗”

She actually looks like a shiny Emmy herself, glowing in an elegant, shimmery floor-length gown. See for yourself:

What’s In Her Bag?

So the starlet looks all glitz and glam in her Emmy photo, but what does Candace Cameron Bure usually pack in her bag? “A lot of junk,” she jokes. She recently teamed up with US Weekly to film a segment revealing all the snacks and makeup products she carries with her on a regular basis. Though it is a Christian Dior designer purse, its inner contents reveal more of a “Girl Next Door” feel. One of her favorite belongings is actually a hairbrush. It’s not just any hairbrush, though. The tool is totally blinged out with a cross. What makes it special is the fact that it came from a “Fuller House” cast member’s mom.

You can check out the tour right here: