‘Chicago Fire’ Alum Could Be Returning for Season 10 Finale

by Samantha Whidden

With the season finale of Chicago Fire set for May 25th, fans are now striking up a conversation about one of the show’s alums returning for the big event. 

According to Deadline, former “Chicago Fire” star Jesse Spencer is now in talks to turn for the show’s season finale. The alum exited the series earlier this season. Although he was ending his time as a regular cast-mate, Spencer didn’t consider it a goodbye.

“It wraps up ten years for me,” Spencer spoke about his departure episode, which saw his character leaving to Chicago to go to Oregon. “I think it was pretty organic that he’s leaving and he’s going for three years. But is he? We don’t know. It’s been a long time coming when you know how these compadres have gone through life and death together.”

The “Chicago Fire” alum also said that it’s hard for him to say goodbye. “[It’s a] see you soon, kind of thing. It was bittersweet. But I really enjoyed it and we got some laughs out of it.”

While Spencer’s exit from “Chicago Fire” was definitely shocking, fans are still wondering what’s happening between his character Matt and Kara Killmer’s Sylvie Brett. The showrunner, Derek Haas did confirm that the characters would be in a long-distance relationship. 

“It was difficult because I really like Kara,” Spencer stated. “And we’ve established a really nice relationship. I really liked working with her. And there’s always a chance I’ll come back, too. We’re still toying with the ‘Will Casey come back?’ That’s a possibility, you know. Derek and I talked about that. And it’s a possibility for me too.”

Jesse Spencer Reveals He Wanted to Exit ‘Chicago Fire’ During the Break Between Seasons 9 and 10

During an interview with Us Weekly, Jesse Spencer spoke about how he actually wanted to leave “Chicago Fire” in between the show’s 9th and 10th seasons. 

“I’ve been doing TV for a long time,” Spencer clarified. “I added it up, and I think this year is my 18th year of network television straight. Since I went straight from ‘House’ into ‘Chicago Fire.’ We were coming up to the 200th episode so I called [creator] Derek [Haas]. [I] made the personal decision and broke the news that It thought it was time to leave the show.”

Spencer also said that Haas agreed on his departure from “Chicago Fire,” as long as his character made it to the 200th episode of the series. “It was a difficult decision because I’ve loved this show from the start. But there’s other things that I would love to do in the future. And there’s some family that I need to take care of. 18 years is a long time. That’s a long stretch.”