‘Chicago Fire’: Casey Is Going Viral One Episode Next Season, Here’s Why

by Shelby Scott

The new season premiere of “Chicago Fire” premieres in literally just days and we could not be more excited. Season 10’s premiere hopefully provides closure to season 9’s insanely nerve-wracking finale. However, as more information goes public, it appears we also get a peek into the lives of Firehouse 51’s firefighters in the time since last season.

While the premiere promises a host of conclusions and new adventures, we’ve now learned the ever-humble Captain Matt Casey goes viral in one of the upcoming episodes of “Chicago Fire.”

In past seasons of “Chicago Fire,” our beloved crew has gone viral a time or two. However, this appears to be the first time our favorite Captain gains viral publicity on his own. During this upcoming season’s second episode, Captain Casey goes viral simply doing his everyday job.

According to cartermatt.com, season 10, episode two’s synopsis reads as follows:

“A video of Casey from the roof rescue goes viral. Mouch sets up a Little Free Library at Firehouse 51. Hermann breaks protocol.”

If you’ve watched the trailer for the season premieres of our beloved One Chicago franchise, you’re probably aware of the roof rescue. However, if you have not, be sure to check it out because it’s absolutely thrilling. In a nutshell, Firehouse 51’s latest call pertains to a large structural fire. During, the trailer captures Casey swinging from the burning rooftop with a civilian clinging to him.

So apparently, his heroic deed has earned him quite a bit of attention. Regardless, only the full episode reveals whether or not the humble Captain is appreciative of such large amounts of attention.

‘Chicago Fire’ Promises Some Major Changes

The time leading up to the season 10 premiere of “Chicago Fire” has revealed minute hint after another. However, as the premiere is right around the corner, showrunners and cast members alike have provided much more insight.

Most recently, new updates came from Lieutenant Kelly Severide actor, Taylor Kinney. He revealed that, despite the nail-biting finale of season 9, his character does escape the boat disaster with his life. However, we still can’t be sure what becomes of the rest of Squad 3. Regardless, during a previous interview, Kinney told fans, “We pick up where we left off and for people who are diehard Chi-fi fans, it’s really exciting.

As for Mouch and his library mentioned above in the episode two synopsis, we’re not sure what to expect of the outcome. Many of the senior fireman’s antics become ridden with chaos and mishap, so we’re sure we can expect some humorous shenanigans courtesy of Mouch.

However, more interestingly, the episode two synopsis reveals that the hot-tempered Lieutenant Christopher Hermann goes against protocol. In earlier seasons and episodes, we know Hermann has gotten into trouble before courtesy of his temper. So hopefully the outcome isn’t all bad as he’s persisted through each and every problem and mishap along the way.

Additionally, as Chief Wallace Boden debates taking up a new position away from Firehouse 51, it appears Hermann, frequently the chief’s consultant and a listening ear, may be up for a promotion. But for now, there’s not much else to add on that end. However, click here to see what the character’s actor has to say about the upcoming season from his perspective.