‘Chicago Fire’: Is Emma Jacobs Replacing Brett on the Show?

by Shelby Scott

Chicago Fire” fans have become anxious in season 10. The most recent episodes have seen the absence of fan-favorite character, Sylvie Brett. Now, with Brett in Oregon with departed “Chicago Fire” character Matt Casey, her position on Ambulance 61 sees coverage from Emma Jacobs, played by Caitlin Carver. With Brett gone and Jacobs filling in, fans are wondering: is the new paramedic replacing Brett on “Chicago Fire?”

Fortunately, while Matt Casey’s departure from “Chicago Fire” earlier this season was permanent, Brett’s is still only temporary. According to Fansided, the series’ informative showrunner Derek Haas concluded Brett will make a return later in the season. Brett’s absence from “Chicago Fire” should only last a few episodes—long enough for her to reconnect with her long-distance boyfriend. At that point, we’ll then hopefully see her return to Firehouse 51.

Meanwhile, with Jacobs over on Ambo 61, her and Violet’s personalities and professional styles are clashing. Altogether, Emma Jacobs and Violet Mikami make for an interesting dynamic that we haven’t seen before on “Chicago Fire.” And with the character’s entirely different personality, it has us wondering how long Jacobs will feature on the show. Although, as the outlet points out, that all depends on the audience’s reception of her.

Regardless, though, as we saw with Casey’s temporary Truck 81 replacement, Jason Pelham, even audience members’ most well-liked characters occasionally don’t stick around. That said, be sure to tune in to “Chicago Fire” when the newest episode airs on NBC Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST.

Will Matt Casey Make a Return to ‘Chicago Fire’?

Speaking of departed characters, “Chicago Fire” fans have another burning question. Will Matt Casey make a return to Chicago during season 10?

As stated, Casey left for Oregon earlier this season after making the difficult decision to abandon his position and his girlfriend in order to take care of the children of his deceased best friend.

However, since Casey left 51, a lot has transpired. One of the biggest topics of discussion is Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd’s coming nuptials. After Severide’s romantic (re)proposal during the CFD Gala, fans are looking forward to a potential wedding during the season 10 finale. And that begs the question: will Casey return to be the best man?

Deadline reports that, ahead of the finale, Casey’s actor, Jesse Spencer, is in talks regarding an eventual return.

Of his time on “Chicago Fire,” Spencer shared, “It wraps up ten years for me.”

Ahead of his character’s departure, we learned his move to Oregon was only temporary, long enough to get the Darden boys to college. However, now, he’s teasing, “I think it was pretty organic that [Casey’s] leaving and he’s going for three years. But is he? We don’t know. It’s been a long time coming when you know how these compadres have gone through life and death together.”