‘Chicago Fire’ Star Taylor Kinney Riles Fans Up with Season 10 Details After Massive Cliffhanger

by Shelby Scott

Less than a week stands between “Chicago Fire” fans and the show’s latest season premiere. Showrunners and cast members alike have dropped subtle hints and clues as to what we might expect from season 10. However, nothing so far has indicated a positive ending for the season 9 finale.

Although, Kelly Severide actor Taylor Kinney just partook in a recent interview briefly detailing the new season. And if fans weren’t already riled up before, they are now.

Just as a recap, the season 9 finale saw Severide and Squad 3 trapped beneath a sinking fishing boat. Since the finale, the crew beneath the boat with empty air packs and no escape route, fans have floundered all summer. From there, they’ve been left pondering possible outcomes for Season 10’s premiere.

Unfortunately, Kinney did not provide us many definite answers. However, he did say, “We pick up where we left off and for people who are diehard Chi-fi fans, it’s really exciting.” Additionally, we finally get an affirmative conclusion that Kelly Severide does in fact escape his ordeal. “I make it,” he said. After all, “I’m here.”

Whew. While the condition of the rest of Squad 3 remains a mystery, at least we know fan-favorite Severide makes it out alive.

‘Chicago Fire’ Sees Other Major Changes

So, we finally have confirmation that the season 9 finale does not conclude with total tragedy. However, “Chicago Fire” previously promised fans other major changes in the new season.

Christopher Hermann actor David Eisenberg appeared alongside Kinney during the TVInsider “Chicago Fire” interview. As Kinney provided insight to the Season 10 premiere on Severide’s behalf, Eisenberg expanded a little bit as to big changes surrounding “Chicago Fire” and Chief Boden.

As Eisenberg reflects during the interview, as Lieutenant Christopher Hermann tends to do, the actor’s answers were not streamlined. He does hint that there’s a good chance Boden leaves 51, however, he remained rather vague. “We’re all getting up there in age,” he joked, “and then opportunity comes by and he leaves me.”

He continued, complaining “Chicago Fire” is very much a show “full of heartbreakers.”

However, he does briefly comment, “I’m hurt,” following the comment about Boden’s leave. Although, with Eisenberg’s plentiful sarcasm, we can’t be sure how serious he truly is. So on that front, I suppose we’ll have to wait.

Fans Should Still Brace for Impact

Despite that “Chicago Fire” star Taylor Kinney finally revealed that his character at the very least remains quite alive, we should nevertheless brace for impact during the season 10 premiere.

Based on what the actor told us during his interview, the season 10 premiere of “Chicago Fire” picks up right where it left off last season. And although we have confirmation Severide lives, showrunner Derek Haas has hinted that not all goes well.

He previously revealed, “My wife has already watched, and right before the titles came up, she screamed at me, ‘Nooo!'” So apparently, some things get emotional.

Additionally, he told fans that should a position open at another firehouse besides 51, newly titled Lieutenant Stella Kidd must, unfortunately, move houses.

Regardless, only Wednesday’s premiere will give us all the information we need.