‘Chicago Med’: Dr. Hannah Asher Star Jessy Schram to Return as Series Regular

by Taylor Cunningham

Good news Chicago Med fans, Jessy Schram’s reprisal of Dr. Hannah Asher last month could turn into a long-term gig.

According to Deadline, Schram surprised audiences by returning on March 16th, during the episode titled May Your Choices Reflect Hope, Not Fear. The story followed Dr. Asher as she was two years sober and ready to begin a new life. And the always-compassionate Sharon Goodwin had given her a job in Gaffney’s new emergency OBGYN department.

Before that, the last time the doctor appeared in the series was during the season 6 opener. Her storyline of heroin addiction had come full circle when she relapsed and found herself in Gaffney with an overdose. After her friends and co-workers saved her life, Dr. Asher decided it would be best if she headed to rehab and start over somewhere new. So she quit her job and moved out of Chicago.

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And according to showrunner Andrew Schneider, the doctor will prove herself worthy in upcoming episodes.

“We didn’t want to bring her back as the same kind of damaged addict that she had been but to see how that journey has progressed after her rehab and her sobriety for the last year. So she would have a very different dynamic, both with Will and other members of the staff.”

And Will is definitely going to be a major part of her storyline. Before leaving, the two shared an intense romance. While the addiction got in the way on more than one occasion, the doctors kept reconnecting. And that chemistry was still obvious when she decided to leave the hospital and state last year.

So, as co-showrunner Diane Frolov teased, they will have to make some big decisions about their relationship.

“She’s in a sense, a new person,” she said. “And [Will] has a big adjustment. That’s what we’ll be looking at in this part of the season… The feelings are still there.”

The showrunners further shared that they brought Jessy Schram back to Chicago Med mid-season for good reason. With Kristen Hager’s exit, they needed a new story that could continue after this year’s finale. And giving fans a familiar face was a great way to keep them coming back for more.

So far, the plan is to keep Dr. Asher around through at least a portion of season 8. But with her budding return to Dr. Halstead, she could stay on the show for much longer.