‘Chicago Med’ Props Team Built Extremely-Lifelike Dummy To Serve As Motorcycle Crash Victim in Wednesday’s Episode

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

Television dramas have become even more engaging and shocking as technology has grown and advanced. Additionally, props and sets appear ever-more realistic. However, as far as realism goes, I think we can all agree NBC‘s “Chicago Med” takes the cake this time after viewing these insane photos of an incredibly realistic dummy. Check it out below.

Wolf Entertainment, “the minds behind…One Chicago,” shared photos of the hyperrealistic dummy on their Twitter page. The post contains three photos of the dummy, who actually debuts on the latest episode of “Chicago Med.”

For those yet unaware, the post reveals the dummy is motorcycle crash victim Sean Ritner. Even more interesting, they revealed the motorcyclist never required the participation of a real-life actor. They simply used the dummy the entire time as the character was intubated from the very beginning.

Of the dummy, the post shared that instead of casting a live actor, the “@ChicagoMed team built a very real looking dummy to play the part.”

I’ve been looking at the photos for several minutes and am having an incredibly difficult time. It appears impossible to try to distinguish the differences between the dummy and a real-life person. No luck so far.

Additionally, fans of “Chicago Med” seemingly ran into similar issues once the outlet shared the photos on Twitter. One fan, alongside myself, appears a little weirded out when they wrote, “this looks so real it’s almost freaky.” You got that right friend.

Motorcycle Dummy Follows Strangeness of ‘Chicago Med’ Premiere

The motorcycle crash dummy in the photos above is definitely freaky. However, while the dummy made his debut this week, last week’s new season premiere captured some pretty strange patients.

Drama surrounds fan-favorite Dr. Halstead and his reinstatement into his position (on a conditional basis of course) as well as new flirtations with an old school friend. Amid his new ventures, the hospital staff receives a pair of unusual patients.

Well, actually, only one-half of the pair of patients is a genuine patient. The “Chicago Med” crew faces an interesting challenge when a pair of twins come in refusing to be different from one another. One of the twins comes into the hospital as a necessity, seeking medical treatment after experiencing extreme abdominal pain. Meanwhile, the other twin is physically fine, yet demands all the same treatments and procedures as her sister.

Finally, the twins consent to surgery for the twin in pain. However soon, the “Chicago Med” doctors realize the two have switched places. That is, just after the team had sliced the skin on the twin not in need of surgery.

In the end, all winds up well, and the two girls have matching scars strengthening their sisterly bond I suppose.