‘Chicago Med’ Showrunners Open Up About Kristen Hager’s Potential Return

by Samantha Whidden

Just weeks after her character, Dr. Stevie Hammer, basically departed from the series, “Chicago Med” showrunners Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider open up about Kristen Hager potentially making a return to the show.

Variety reports that during NBC’s recent “One Chicago” Day, the showrunners discussed why they would like to see Kristen Hager return to “Chicago Med.” The media outlet revealed that Hager joined the series at the beginning of its seventh season. However, she last appeared on the show in Episode 14. Her character then decided to go visit her estranged husband. 

“She’s a wonderful actor,” Schneider stated about Kristen Hager. “We felt we had pretty much done her story regarding her mom and resolved that. But we’d love to have her back. And the great thing about the ‘One Chicago’ series is if the character’s alive, the character can come back.”

Meanwhile, Frolov shared that fans may see Kristen Hager making a return to “Chicago Med” and added, “What’s happening with Stevie right now is she’s going back to try and reconnect with her husband. And Make it work. So we’re leaving that up in the air. Does that in fact happen? She is a character that has the potential to return.”

Deadline recently reported that Kristen Hager was making her departure from “Chicago Med” but the showrunners said they would like for her to come back. In the joint statement, they revealed, “We all really liked Kristen and would welcome her character coming back in the future.”

Kristen Hager became a season regular For “Chicago Med’s” season 7. This followed the departure of Yada DaCosta and Torrey DeVitto. 

Along With Chatting About Kristen Hager’s Return, ‘Chicago Med’ Showrunners Talk Bringing Back Hannah For the Second Half of Season 7

Also during “One Chicago” Day, “Chicago Med” showrunners Andrew Schneider and Diane Frolov, discussed why they are bringing Jessy Schram’s Hannah Asher bak for the second half of season 7. “Well I think one of the reasons is that she has gone through a long period of rehab and recovery,” Schneider explained. “And we wanted to bring this character back on the other side. The other end of that process. It’s a continuing process. But to have seen a very different side of her having gone through this.”

Frolov also explained why bringing Hannah back in the second half of season 7 was necessary. “We wanted to start something midseason. Something that we can as writers continue on to the next season. So it did both those two things. Of introducing a new person, or a person that the audience knew, but was excited about seeing.”

Frolov added that the move gave the “Chicago Med” showrunners the possibility of an ongoing story for next season.