‘Chicago PD’: Here’s the Only Episode Amy Morton Has Missed in the Series

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

She has been on Chicago PD since its premiere in 2014, but there is one episode that Amy Morton’s Trudy Platt did not appear in. 

According to Looper, the one episode of Chicago PD that doesn’t feature Amy Morton’s Trudy Platt is Season 1, Episode 12, called 8:30 PM. The episode, which was directed by Mark Tinker, follows the Intelligence Unit as the team races against the clock to find car bombers. 

Looper notes that Archie Kao’s Jin and Jason Beghe Voight investigate separately and they both lead to one conclusion that the suspect is named Ted Powell (played by Matt Schwader). The Chicago PD duo eventually discovers that Powell is organizing a third car bombing. They manage to catch him just before the bomb square defuses the bomb. 

Chicago PD first premiered in January 2014. It has nine seasons and 179 episodes. In February 2020, NBC announced it was renewing the series for an eighth, ninth, and tenth season. The ninth season premiered in September 2021. 

‘Chicago PD’ Star Amy Morton Opens Up How Talking to Actual Cops Impacts Her 

In 2016, Chicago PD star Amy Morton shared with TV Fanatic how talking to cops has impacted her role on the hit series. “Having talked to cops who are about my age, they talk about missing their beats and missing their foot patrols. And the things they used to do. But not necessarily needing to go back. The mind is willing. But it takes a toll.”

When asked how her Chicago PD character has changed, Amy Morton noted she doesn’t see any new developments. “I don’t think she changes that much. I don’t think she becomes all of a sudden out of character and is completely sympathetic all the time. Which is good. She’s still who she is. She’s totally rich. But again, I don’t think that’s going to change her much. Because she’s a cop through and through. And she’s going to stay a cop.”

While talking about the relationship Trudy has with her fellow police officers, the Chicago PD castmate said, “I think she’s incredibly proud of that precinct. I think she would bet her life on that precinct. And It think she has deep trust in all those cops. I don’t think this is a character that trusts easily. So I think in order to pass muster with Platt, you have to be a damn good cop.”

In regards to why she decided to join Chicago PD in the first place, Morton shared, “The storyline was so good and the character was fantastic. I was like, this is someone who’s completely truthful and unbelievably flawed. And trying to do the right thing every day. But is hard to get along with. And I was like, this is me. This is really going to be fun.”