‘Chicago P.D.’: Jesse Lee Soffer Updates Fans on Status of Burgess After She Was Shot in Season 8

by Samantha Whidden

With the ninth season of Chicago P.D. set to premiere on Wednesday (September 22), Jesse Lee Soffer, who plays Detective Jay Halstead, is now giving fans some details about what they can expect in the upcoming season. 

During his chat with TV Line, the Chicago P.D. star offered up an update to fans on the status of Burgess after she was shot in the show’s 8th season. “We don’t know if Burgess is going to make it. She’s received what could be a mortal wound. It’s pretty bad.”

Soffer then stated that Ruzek is a mess as well. “He hasn’t left her side and the whole team is on high alert. We’re looking for Roy. But little do we know that Roy is dead. So it’s a fun start.”

Starring alongside Soffer in Chicago P.D. is Jason Beghe, Patrick John Flueger, Will Halstead, and LaRoyce Hawkins. 

Jesse Lee Soffer Talks ‘Chicago P.D.’ Stunts 

During an interview with DuJour Magazine, Jesse Lee Soffer opened up about the crazy stunts that he does on the set of Chicago P.D.

“I would pretty do anything as long as they let me,” the actor declared. “If someone was like, ‘We’re doing a car chase, you’re gonna flip a car.’ I would do it.”

The Chicago P.D. star also said that he thinks the cast is like a pro sports team and there’s always somebody in the infirmary. “Somebody who got banged up, somebody is like getting an MRI or getting over a sprained knee. We have such an action-packed show that someone is always getting a boo-boo.”

When asked what is the wildest thing that the Chicago P.D. crew has actually let him do, Soffer revealed that he was actually using live ammunition in a scene. There were also SWAT guys to help out. He got to shotgun a door off the hinges. 

While discussing his Chicago P.D. character, Jay, Soffer goes on to explain that the part is always challenging.

“I’m always trying to find the character and trying to change the character,” he said. “So the job is always challenging and there’s always a new experience. I think that keeps us on our toes.”

Soffer then goes on to add what he would like to see happen to his Chicago P.D. character. “Jay was in the military and he was at war. He’s kind of like a badass. I like it when someone’s imperfect. When the good guy doesn’t always win or when he makes a mistake and screws up,” he explained. The actor then said that he really wants to see Jay’s emotional side come out more. “It’ll be cool for the fans to see.”