‘Chicago PD’ Showrunner Confirms Atwater Will Have a Girlfriend in Season 9

by Shelby Scott

While our favorite One Chicago shows run on drama and action, some of our favorite subplots encircle several character relationships. “Chicago PD” favorite ships include Detectives Jay Halstead and Hailey Upton (Upstead) and Adam Ruzek and Kim Burgess (Burzek).

While we wait to see where their relationships go from here, they’re not the only ones pursuing romantic subplots. We’ve now received news that “Chicago PD” Officer Kevin Atwater finally meets a girl of his own this season.

Atwater has endured so many loveless seasons, barring season 6 where a potential girlfriend was imprisoned for murder. However showrunners shared with TVLine that the intelligent officer will finally have a (normal) girlfriend.

“Chicago PD” showrunner Rich Eid recently stated, “[Atwater] meets a dynamic young woman, and their bond is fun and really unique.” He further added that, after struggling to forge a meaningful relationship for so long, this new “fun” girlfriend comes as a much-needed “respite.”

Eid expanded on what to expect from Atwater’s new relationship. He additionally detailed how it progresses through the new season of “Chicago PD” overall. He explained their relationship “becomes this safe space for the pair to be their true selves.”

As a whole, it seems lovely and exciting. Although, the showrunner warned that, as in all relationships, “things will be complicated,” but, “It’ll be a great ride for his character.”

So, while we wait for tonight’s season premiere of “Chicago PD” to find out about progress surrounding both Upstead and Burzek, we now get to look forward to an all-new “Chicago PD” ship.

Will “Chicago PD” See an Upstead Wedding?

As “Chicago PD” Outsiders know, the season 8 finale saw Hailey Upton propose to her love interest, Jay Halstead. As last season closed on relative chaos, fans now look to tonight’s season premiere for answers. Questions surround Burgess’s condition post-gunshot wound, consequences from Voight and Upton’s deadly scuffle with a suspect, and more.

While we still have a few hours to wait until we get answers to our burning questions, we can provide clarity on one thing. And that’s that Halstead does provide his answer to Upton’s marriage proposal during the premiere. On the matter, Eid did state, “There’s no doubt Upton loves him, but there’s also quite a lot that played a part emotionally in that proposal – fear and the events of the finale being big pieces.”

So for now, we continue to hope for a positive outcome surrounding Halstead and Upton. However, the showrunner provided more explanation as to what complicates their relationship.

“[Those factors put] them in quite a complicated place: two people that truly love each other and in many ways are kindred spirits, but who also have a lot of personal challenges to conquer.”

Unfortunately, we can’t provide further details at the moment. But, we can at least assure Outsiders we only have a little more time for some closure.