‘Chicago P.D.’ Showrunner Give Behind-the-Scenes Peek of Marina Squerciati in Action

by Shelby Scott

Our favorite “One Chicago” series have returned to NBC this month. As such, we could not be happier to see some of our favorite characters back on the screen. Above all, “Chicago P.D.” fans were more than relieved to see one fan-favorite officer return after a full recovery. This week, we caught the second thrilling episode of the new season of “Chicago P.D.”, with previously-downed Officer Kim Burgess back in action.

Now, we gear up for the remainder of the season and Burgess’s mental recovery throughout. In preparation for next week’s episode, showrunners gave fans a thrilling behind-the-scenes peek at Marina Squerciati’s character kicking some major bad guy butt. Check it out.

The clip captures Squerciati breaking from an “attacker’s” hold and slipping away as the attacker slams against the van. She quickly moves out of the frame, but we can hear her say, “Chicago PD! You get on the ground right now!”

In response to the scene, “Chicago P.D.” fans shared their love for the show and Squerciati in the comments section.

“She AMAZING!!!” wrote one “Chicago P.D.” fan. Another exclaimed, “marina is so talented! no one does it like her !!!” One other fan humorously wrote, “That guy might have a career in dying😳 good job!”

After this sneak peek, we definitely can’t wait for next week’s debut of season 9’s third brand new episode.

‘Chicago P.D.’ Star’s Iconic Voice Resulted from Near-Fatal Accident

Some of our favorite “Chicago P.D.” stars have definitely had some pretty close brushes with death throughout the series, with Officer Kim Burgess most recently. However, one fan-favorite star almost died in real life 20 years ago.

“Chicago P.D.” would, truthfully, be nothing without their tough-loving leader, Sergeant Hank Voight. Further, we’ve become accustomed to Hank Voight actor Jason Beghe’s gravely, authoritative voice. Although, interestingly, there’s actually a pretty severe reason the actor’s voice sounds the way it does.

Prior to his role on “Chicago P.D.,” Beghe attained the iconic voice he possesses today due to an almost fatal car accident that took place in 1999. The actor was previously intubated following the car accident and he shared his vocal cords sustained damage when health professionals removed the tube. So, while it must not have been the most comfortable of results, it’s given “Chicago P.D.” fans the Hank Voight we know and love today.

More interesting, however, than the permanent damage to the actor’s vocal cords is that Beghe very nearly died during the accident. Of the experience, he said, “Technically, I did die for a short period of time when I was in a coma. That was definitely an experience that profoundly informed my perception of what life is.”

Nevertheless, while the insane accident was definitely transformative for the actor, his role on “Chicago P.D.” has definitely contributed to the show’s success and Outsider is glad to see Hank Voight on another season of the hit show.