‘Chicago PD’ Star Jesse Lee Soffer Snaps Behind Scenes Selfie With’ New Recruit’ From Wednesday’s New Episode

by Shelby Scott

Chicago PD” aired a brand new episode on NBC Wednesday night. Ahead of its debut, series star Jesse Lee Soffer took to Instagram to highlight their crew’s latest addition. And although his character and the brand new recruit, Jose Torres, didn’t seem to get along too well in the episode “New Guard,” we caught the two actors hardcore cheesin’ in Soffer’s latest Instagram post.

“New recruit tonight,” the “Chicago PD” star captioned his Wednesday night post. “We’ll see about this kid.”

There was major tension between Officer Jay Halstead and the Intelligence Unit’s newest recruit, Jose Torres. But regardless, fans positively responded to “Chicago PD’s” latest pairing. The comments following Jesse Lee Soffer’s post begged for showrunners to continue the character’s storyline into upcoming episodes.

“Yes! please…don’t make us love him then [lose] him,” commented one “Chicago PD” fan.

Hopefully, we’ll see more of Torres when “Chicago PD” and Jesse Lee Soffer return for a new episode on Wednesday.

Jesse Lee Soffer Headlines New ‘Chicago PD’ Episode

“Chicago PD” fans weren’t sure what to expect when NBC aired the Jesse Lee Soffer-centric episode on Wednesday night. Much of season nine has followed his character Jay Halstead and his wife and fellow Intelligence Unit officer Hailey Upton after their spontaneous nuptials. But, “New Guard” spotlighted the fan-favorite character in a new way.

As we know, Halstead was paired up with the unit’s newest recruit, Jose Torres, and while the senior officer kicked off the episode with reservations about the team’s new addition, things didn’t exactly improve until late in the storyline.

CarterMatt reminds us that one of the things that intrigued “Chicago PD” fans most regarding the new character is just how “mysterious” he is. As per the outlet, the new recruit refused to open up, he didn’t obey orders, and the information he filed on official reports wasn’t entirely correct. On top of all of it, he didn’t say more than a few words to Halstead from the offset. That alone left us suspicious.

Things became even more intense when the Intelligence Unit thought it best to utilize the young officer for an undercover operation. However, things became complicated when we found out Torres actually knew the guy at the center of the case.

Nevertheless, despite his cagey first impression, we learn there’s a legitimate reason for Torres’ behavior. As per the outlet, all of the shady things about the young officer’s past were a result of his efforts to protect his mom, as she was a victim of abuse.

That said, it’s likely that, despite his less-than-ideal behavior, Torres simply endeavors to help people as he couldn’t exactly help his mom.