‘Chicago P.D.’ Star Marina Squerciati Says Burgess Character May Need Time To Heal

by Taylor Cunningham

On the season finale of Chicago P.D., Officer Kim Burgess was shot in the line of duty and left for dead. She managed to survive long enough to help her team find her. But after they rushed her to the hospital, her vitals were dwindling. And fans waited all summer to see if Burgess would come back to the screen.

And the officer did come back for season nine of Chicago P.D. But she was in the hospital struggling to move past the events that left her bleeding in the Chicago streets. After everything that happened, she may need time and space to heal.

“I liked that they took the time to make it a real recovery and not a superhero in that she’s really struggling, not just with the physical effects, but the mental effects, which is often, for what I understand, for police so much greater,” Squerciati told TV Insider.

Kim Burgess Struggle to Heal After Her Shooting on ‘Chicago P.D.’

Tomorrow’s Chicago P.D. episode (September 22nd) takes place a couple of weeks after the shooting. Burgess is physically recovering and out of the hospital. But she’s still emotionally reeling from the attack. And despite her apparent PTSD, her fellow officers are pressuring her to get back to work.

“I feel like people get the flu and are out of work longer than that, and she was brutally assaulted and shot twice,” Squerciati said in an interview with TVLine. “I think it’s a matter of Ruzek trying to give her the space she needs, but ultimately not giving her the time she needs to heal.”

With her fresh emotional trauma, Burgess doesn’t know what her future with the Chicago P.D. force looks like. More particularly, she doesn’t know if she will return to work with Intelligence.

“I don’t think she really knows yet what she is going to do,” she said.

And because she’s emotionally distancing herself from her friends and colleagues, they don’t know how to approach the situation. And in an episode two promo, her ex-boyfriend, Officer Adam Ruzek, insinuates that Burgess should take it easy for a while and stay off the beat.

 “If you’re not OK, that’s OK,” he tells her. To which she asks “you want to push me into a desk job?”

Like many victims of brutality, Burgess doesn’t know how to put the events behind her. And while Upton and Voight know her attacker is dead, Burgess is convinced he’s alive and looking for her. And Chicago P.D. episode two will explore her mental health while she copes.

“I love that in this episode, they let me carry out that pain, that mental anguish, and that physical anguish and really work through it… that I wasn’t Wonder Woman the next episode.”