Could ‘NCIS: Hawaii’ Crossover With ‘Los Angeles’ in Season 1?

by Megan Molseed

NCIS is gearing up to give us some gorgeous new sceneries, and some exciting new cases set among a Hawaiian tropical paradise in the upcoming addition to the NCIS franchise, NCIS: Hawaii.

Along with this beautiful new backdrop comes some other exciting “firsts” for the franchise.

NCIS: Hawaii is the first series within the NCIS universe to feature a female lead. And, notes the show’s producers, this lead, Venessa Lachey’s Jane Tennant, is also the first NCIS team leader who hasn’t already been established in another NCIS series.

In most other NCIS spin-offs, producers have made sure to introduce a character in one of the already developed shows before giving them a lead in their own spin-off series.

Will ‘NCIS Hawaii’ Feature A Los Angeles Crossover?

Now fans are wondering if this new setting has set the stage for an NCIS: Hawaii and NCIS: LA crossover event.

After all, NCIS: Hawaii takes place in the same area as Hawaii Five-0. So, it just stands to reason that NCIS: LA could very well find themselves working with the characters from NCIS: Hawaii, right?

Well, there’s nothing for certain yet, notes Hawaii Five-0 producers.

In fact, it is very unlikely fans will see a crossover episode during the first-season run of Hawaii.

“We don’t make any connection to the other shows,” explained NCIS: LA co-creator Christopher Sibler during a conversation with TV Insider.

‘Hawaii’ Steps Out Of ‘NCIS’ Traditions

Some exciting firsts for this new addition to the NCIS universe.

However, while this new NCIS series may be bringing some big changes, there are some traditions that fans are hoping producers will work hard to keep alive.

Primarily, NCIS’s predication for producing crossover events between the teams within the show’s universe.

For years, the NCIS universe has worked within itself. While each series contains its own plotline and characters, producers have mixed it up over the years. Airing multiple crossover installments during the franchise’s run.

And fans have absolutely loved it.

In fact, in 2012, NCIS writers took this fan-favorite format a little further; when members of the NCIS: LA team found themselves connecting with the Hawaii Five-0 characters.

New Characters Mean Brand-New Stories

NCIS producers also note that they want to make sure this new series has an opportunity to develop the brand-new NCIS: Hawaii characters.

It’s important to let these characters develop on their own, before bringing in players from other NCIS shows.

However, NCIS producers note, this first season isn’t necessarily going to be setting a precedent for future seasons.

We might not be seeing Jane Tennant fight crime with some of our NCIS: LA detectives in the near future. But the chances these teams will get together eventually are still pretty high.