‘CSI’ Dropping Clues on Social Media for Fans To Win Meet-and-Greet and Advance Screening of ‘Vegas’ Premiere

by Anna Dunn

CSI is dropping clues on social media for fans to look through. The winner gets a meet-and-greet as well as an advanced screening of the CSI: Vegas premiere. It’s a great prize that rewards the same skills that the characters need to solve cases on the show.

In the two weeks leading up to the premiere of the show, CBS will drop clues to a new case every day across social media, while it’s airing, and across other networks owned by Viacom. According to Variety the eagle-eyed fans who can figure it out will win the meet-and-greet and advanced screening.

The innovative and exciting way to get people talking is sure to excite fans of the returning franchise. There may even be some physical “real world” clues for fans to sus out.

This is an example of a new marketing gimmick. Marketing for broadcast shows had been made exponentially more difficult. The social media engagement strategy is definitely one that could be effective if the puzzle is actually fun to solve.

According to Variety, Mike Benson president and chief marketing officer of CBS, wanted to try and get consumer interest with an interactive contract that is on-brand with the program vs something that feels more like a commercial.

Benson has described CSI‘s fanbase as “rabid” and also “pre-existing” but they still wanted to go to great lengths to establish a name for CSI: Vegas.

“Yes, it has a known and recognizable name, but we also want to do a lot to lean into this so people are aware that it’s back and it’s new, with a new story,” he said.

They want to go beyond getting viewers aware of the program’s return. They want viewers to get excited.

“This is a very different type of gameplay,” Benson explained. “That was more about bringing people into a special world. This is really about the audience solving a specific mystery. People enjoy playing along with what we do,”

‘CSI: Vegas’ is a Sequel to CSI

CSI: Vegas takes place after the events of CSI which aired for 15 years on CBS. While it’s not an exact sequel, there will be plenty of returning characters, including the main characters, Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle. The new series will follow Gil and Sara returning to a team of exciting new characters.

But those new characters will also play a key role. For instance, one character, Maxine Robbie, is the head of the crime lab trying to keep its reputation intact after a major report of a criminal within.

They all work to solve a major crime: a corrupt person within the crime lab that has been causing damage for decades. If you want to catch the new season, You can tune in to CBS at 10 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Oct. 6.