‘CSI’ Fans Re-Examine Gil and Sara’s Relationship in New Context

by Caitlin Berard

It’s not uncommon for children to watch TV shows that aren’t exactly meant for young eyes. Doing so, however, results not only in a potentially inappropriate viewing experience but also makes it far easier for the viewer to miss certain subtle plot points, as well as adult jokes and references.

Even children’s shows can take on a whole new meaning when re-watched decades later. I always think of The Rugrats scene in which Stu Pickles is making chocolate pudding at 4 am because he’s “lost control of his life.” While the scene meant nothing to me as a child, it’s incredibly relatable as an adult.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise whatsoever that CSI fans are noticing some unsavory behavior from popular characters that they didn’t pick up on as children. The hit forensics crime drama ran for an incredible 15 years and featured many relatable, albeit highly flawed, characters.

Sara Sidle, played by Jorja Fox, is one of those flawed characters. Upon rewatching the show with adult eyes, CSI fans who watched the show as children have now pinpointed exactly why they never liked her: Sara’s inappropriate relationship with Gil Grissom.

‘CSI’ Fans Point Out Flaws in Sara Sidle’s Relationship With Gil Grissom

In a thread on the r/csi subreddit, CSI fans came together to talk about the things they learned while rewatching the show. In a lengthy post, user u/happycharm detailed all the red flags in the relationship between Sara Sidle and Gil Grissom.

It all started in Season 2, when Sara Sidle first began pursuing Gil Grissom. Though he continually rejects her advances, she persists, going as far as to physically touch him after his expressed disinterest.

Rather than romantic, the user finds it unsettling that Sara insists that she’s the right one for Gil despite his rejections. In addition, the user calls Sara “unprofessional, entitled, demanding, etc.”

Other users disagree with the original post, however, saying that the “will they, won’t they” story was mutual all along. One user wrote, “Grissom [was] flirty and hot and cold with Sara during the entire beginning of the series.”

However inappropriate, it’s not uncommon for two characters to defy normally acceptable boundaries in their dramatic journey from acquaintances, or even enemies, to romantic partners.

In an interview with TV Insider, Jorja Fox gave her own perspective on the relationship. Jorja Fox admits that the pair have been “on again, off again, married, divorced, back together.”

However, she believes there’s still a lot to love about the relationship between Sara and Gil.

“It’s been so fun to play and honestly an homage to long-term love,” Fox said. “And what it means to be with somebody over an extended period of time. I’m a romantic and I believe in love and I’ve never had an opportunity to play a long-term relationship like this.”