‘CSI: Vegas’ Ramps Up Excitement for Season Premiere With New Pic of Sara & Grissom Back Solving Crimes

by Joe Rutland

Getting fired up, Outsiders, for the season premiere of “CSI: Vegas” on CBS? The new series will have a little old-school “CSI” feel to it.

Take a look at this photo of William Petersen, who plays Gil Grissom, and Jorja Fox, who plays Sara Sidle, out in the field. These two have spent many hours in the main franchise show investigating crime scenes.

Screen Rant shared the pic from “CSI: Vegas.” Take a look.

Besides Petersen and Fox, Paul Guilfoyle will reprise his role as Las Vegas Police Department Detective Jim Brass for two episodes. Just Petersen and Fox, along with Wallace Langham as David Hodges, will be regulars from the original, long-running CBS crime drama.

“CSI: Vegas” will have many of the similar traits that have been found in all of the franchise’s series. Investigators head out to a crime scene and check it for clues. Not just clues like a private investigator might find, but DNA, blood samples, hair strands, and other items.

They take all of the things picked up at the crime scene back to their lab. Piece by piece, the “CSI: Vegas” team members turn their attention to checking these clues for a connection with the crime.

‘CSI: Vegas’ Plans on Returning To CBS Primetime with Premiere Episode on Oct. 6

If fans were waiting on a couple of episode titles, then we’ve got you covered. That premiere episode will be called “Legacy.” It airs on Wednesday, Oct. 6, at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central. Then mark your calendar for the next episode called “Honeymoon in Vegas.”

So, this amazing franchise gets new life thanks to some O.G. cast members being there. Keep your eyes out for actress Paula Newsome, who will be playing Vegas Crime Lab chief Maxine Roby. She’s now filling the leader shoes once worn by, yep, Gil Grissom.

Besides Newsome, other cast members include Matt Lauria as Level III investigator Josh Folsom.

“CSI: Vegas” has been teasing a lot of stuff in recent weeks. That’s not surprising because producers and the network want fans watching. Will they see other past “CSI” stars like Marg Helgenberger back?

Show executive producer Anthony Zuiker talked about it at a TCA panel session on the upcoming revival.

“Anytime we can get any of our veterans back, it’s such a great plus for all of our fans,” Zuiker said according to Deadline. “We have a couple more surprises in store. I could probably say that. But the fantastic blend of the original cast members with a brand new, diverse team in 2021 and beyond is such a great treat for the CSI fans and the franchise.”

Ah, a couple of surprises, eh? OK, let the guessing game begin among you Outsiders.