‘Deadliest Catch’: Mandy Hansen’s Explanation of Her Days as a 18-Year-Old ‘Greenhorn’ on the Show

by Courtney Blackann

Every “Deadliest Catch” greenhorn goes through it. There’s the hazing, the grunt work, having to prove yourself and the long, long hours of fishing. However, when you watch your dad captain a large fishing vessel, you start to feel like it’s all in the genes. But Sig Hansen’s daughter, Mandy, said it wasn’t as easy as it looked.

However, she doesn’t scare that easily. Though she has a small frame, she’s just as determined as any Alaskan fisherman.

In an interview with Hollywood Soapbox, the star opened up about what it was like for her as a spirited newbie among a seasoned “Deadliest Catch” crew.

“In the beginning, of course, it was hard,” Hansen said. “It only got worse the longer I was out on deck because my hands were hurting so bad. They got so sore. I mean I couldn’t move my hands. I always wear rings. Of course, you can’t wear jewelry up there, but I couldn’t even get it past my nail line afterward.”

Fans of the show know what kind of toll the work can take on the crew’s hands. Not to mention, the raging Bering Sea and cold winds only heighten those conditions. Crews also spend a lot of time taking waves to the face. With the added wetness, it can also be dangerous to fingers and limbs.

Hansen went on to add:

“They swelled up about four times their own size. … I tried my best, and I am very proud of what I accomplished myself,” she said.

“Deadliest Catch” Star Loves Being On the Open Sea

Despite the challenges, Mandy said she loved the job and being out on the open sea with her fellow fishermen.

And Captain Sig Hansen doesn’t give her special treatment. While he’s generally a fair-tempered captain to begin with, he knew his daughter had to prove herself to the crew. As far as greenhorns go, we think she did a pretty decent job of doing just that.

The angler goes on to describe her love for the work – even if one day she’s working under a different captain.

“I love physical work. I love being outdoors and doing this kind of stuff. As far as the life’s career, it all depends on the captains themselves. If anybody wants to rehire me, I would love to do it.”

As for her future? The “Deadliest Catch” protege might have a few ambitions of taking over the family business.

“I know there’s … other boats and things out there that I would love to try as well, at some point. But, of course, if I can get a spot and be a part of my family business, then that’s where I want to be,” Hansen said