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Did Pat Sajak Make a Recent ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Flub? Fans Think So

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Jeff Bottari/NHLI via Getty Images)

As far as game show controversy goes, you would think “Wheel of Fortune” would avoid scrutiny. However, in a recent episode of the game show, fans thought longtime host Pat Sajak made quite a mistake. In it, he declared one contestant a winner without following through with the game show’s rules.

During the April 8th episode of “Wheel of Fortune,” viewers watched as contestant Calvin Lee had quite an impressive recovery. He had kicked off his round with a slow start. Good Housekeeping reports Lee scored success with one question beneath the “Fun & Games” category. After that, the “Wheel of Fortune” contestant pursued the same category. And as per the outlet, that’s when controversy arose.

Lee raced the clock as he rushed to guess the phrase and win more “Wheel of Fortune” prizes, but in doing so, it seems Pat Sajak announced the player’s win before even concluding his response.

“The final…Final beater…buzzer…Final,” Lee drifted off. But before even sharing a complete response, “Wheel of Fortune” viewers noticed Pat Sajak cut the contestant’s response off.

“Yeah, you said it,” Pat Sajak concluded, following with, “You know what? You said ‘final buzzer’ before you heard the final buzzer, which was good, and now you have a car.”

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Speculate About Pat Sajak Slipup

However, because Lee didn’t actually get out the full, “The final buzzer,” fans took to social media to criticize the host’s actions.

“Why did Calvin win tonight by saying ‘Final Buzzer’ and not ‘The Final Buzzer?'” one frustrated viewer shared on Twitter. “Your rules are not uniform.”

Other “Wheel of Fortune” fans wondered whether Pat Sajak had made a mistake or whether the move had been intentional via producers.

“Amused that they didn’t penalize him for saying ‘Final Buzzer’ instead of ‘The Final Buzzer.’ I wonder if that was a slipup by the producers or intentional.”

Whether or not Sajak’s conclusion was intentional or not, fans definitely noticed something went wrong when the actual final buzzer sounded.

How Does the Latest Flub Compare to Previous Episodes?

Pat Sajak might have awarded Calvin Lee the win during one of the most recent “Wheel of Fortune” episodes, despite that his answer was technically wrong. However, fans might just be up in arms about the latest blunder because this kind of instance has taken place before on “Wheel of Fortune.” But, things didn’t end quite so well for the earlier contestant.

Another episode of “Wheel of Fortune” saw contestant Chris Davidson in the running to win an $8,400 trip to Puerto Rico. The correct answer at the time read, “Frozen Concoction.”

In the broad scope, Davidson had the correct answer, stating, “A frozen concoction.” But, while the omitted article above didn’t seem to affect Lee’s win, the additional article was detrimental to Davidson’s.

“I’m sorry, we can’t accept that,” Pat Sajak said to the “Wheel of Fortune” player. “He threw in the ‘A’ in front of it, and we can’t accept it.”