Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Daughter Says Wedding Drama Is Ripping Apart the Family

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images)

In the last month, there’s been plenty of family drama surrounding reality TV star Dog the Bounty Hunter stemming from his recent wedding. Now, his daughter Lyssa Chapman has addressed the ongoing feud that she says is tearing her family apart.

Duane “Dog” Chapman married his sixth wife, Francie Frane, earlier this month on Sept. 2. Before the couple tied the knot in a romantic wedding ceremony in Colorado Springs, accusations from his own daughters led to the family drama. Dog’s daughters Bonnie Jo and Cecily each claimed they didn’t receive invites to their father’s wedding.

Bonnie Jo revealed that she thought she wasn’t invited because she supported the Black Lives Matter movement. The allegation comes amid other racist and homophobic claims against Dog the Bounty Hunter. However, Chapman’s other daughter Lyssa has stood up for her father saying that he is not racist. In addition, Lyssa is blaming her sisters’ recent negative comments about their dad on other people in their lives.

In a three-part Twitter post, Lyssa explained her thoughts on the ongoing family drama. She also shared that she believes they will all “be family again” soon.

“… people they LIVE with. So I’m not surprised they are attacking me and my dad with lies and fake photos. BUT these are my family,” Lyssa shared in a second tweet. “They try to make me so angry that I fight back, trying to hurt my baby sisters publicly. You caught me slipping for a minute but I gathered my emotions…”

“… and turned that anger into love and direct my attention to the real enemy. It’s not Cecily or Bonnie, it’s the people they are living with and being conned by. I know we will be family again and no matter what I love you my sisters,” her final tweet read.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Addresses Claims of Racism

Lyssa Chapman has previously accused other third parties of influencing her two sisters’ recent comments against their father. In late August, Lyssa blamed Dog the Bounty Hunter’s ex-business partners in another series of tweets. She blamed the business partners for planting the seeds that led to their allegations.

Their famous father and his family’s infighting has been made very public ever since the allegations first came to light. Dog the Bounty Hunter even spoke out earlier this month in an exclusive interview about the accusations and his family’s involvement. He opened up to Entertainment Tonight about the family drama and subsequent controversy against him as he addressed the claims head-on.

“I have never been a racist. I’m 33 1/2 percent Apache,” he said to Entertainment Tonight. He went on to explain that he thought he had a “pass” to use certain slurs, and shared his reasoning for thinking so.

“I thought I had a pass in the Black tribe to use it, kind of like Eminem,” Chapman explained. “I had just gotten out of prison in 1979 after spending 18 months in Texas. And it was probably three-quarters from the Black tribe. So, that was a word that we used back and forth as maybe a compliment. My pass expired for using it, but no one told me that. To say a racist name doesn’t qualify to make you a racist.”