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Dog the Bounty Hunter Says Late Wife Beth ‘Would Have Loved’ His Stint on ‘The Masked Singer’

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Getty Images for FOX)

Dog the Bounty Hunter recently saw his stint on “The Masked Singer” come to an end and his thoughts were on his late wife Beth. Reflecting back on the time spent there, Duane “Dog” Chapman says that Beth would have loved his time as the Armadillo. In his last appearance on the show, Chapman sang a pretty cool version of the Johnny Rivers song “Secret Agent Man.”

Dog the Bounty Hunter Reflects On His Time On ‘The Masked Singer’ and His Late Wife Beth

“Oh, she would have loved it,” Dog the Bounty Hunter told Page Six about being on “The Masked Singer.” “I don’t know when I fell down what she [would have] said.” Beth Chapman died from throat cancer in 2019. She was 51 years old. It was a hard time for him to go through and he even thought about killing himself. But he’s finding new meaning in life these days. “I got married [to Francie Frane] Sept. 2, and we’ll grieve forever. There is no stopping that, but we’re back.”

Let’s look at this moment from “The Masked Singer” that Dog the Bounty Hunter is talking about. He was singing the Sex Pistols’ version of “I Fought the Law.” In doing so, he tried a high kick and fell down on stage. But he did get back up and regained his balance. “I had no idea I was going down,” he said.

After Falling Down, A Number of Thoughts Went Through His Mind

“You can’t get up from sitting down, right?” he continued. “So as I fell, that went through my mind.” We get more from Page Six. But the bounty hunter actually had some thoughts about being a runner who falls just before a race ends. Usually, that runner gets back up and walks across the finish line. “Those two thoughts, fail or sink or swim, hit my mind, right?” Chapman says. “I feel that angels picked me up [because you] couldn’t pick this thing up.”

As it turns out, the fall did not lead to him getting kicked off the show. Nope. Dog the Bounty Hunter would go on to another round on “The Masked Singer.” He adds that he was protected by “six layers of clothes” which he wore underneath the costume. He wasn’t hurt in the fall thanks to the padding he wore. Medics did go out there to check him out. But he’s all good. “They take very good care of you,” he says. And he adds that “a lot of work goes into that show. No wonder they’re one of the top shows in America.”