‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Says Daughter Honey James Is in the Hospital Battling Virus

by Quentin Blount

Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson took to social media on Friday afternoon to open up about her daughter’s struggle with RSV.

The 24-year-old first gave birth to her daughter, Honey James, back in May. Honey is the only child as of right now between Saide and her husband Christian Huff. As she is one to do, Robertson decided to make an Instagram post to inform her fans about what has been going on. She shared an intimate message to others going through the same thing and shared a photo of her and Honey laying down together in a hospital bed.

“We have been walking through this privately,” Robertson begins her post. “But I want to give y’all a window in because I know so many around the world are going through this.”

Little Honey is currently battling RSV, otherwise known as Respiratory Syncytial Virus. It’s a common respiratory virus that usually causes mild, cold-like symptoms.

“The past few days have been very tough,” Robertson admitted.” Watching your child sick is one of the most heart breaking things. Seeing her little struggle brings me to tears like I have never cried, but seeing her strength has given me smiles I have never smiled. The love I have for this girl is unmatched.”

Duck Dynasty fans made sure to leave plenty of comments on Robertson’s post. They wanted to let her know that they were praying for Honey to feel better.

“Praying for sweet honey j,” one fan wrote.

“Poor Honey! My granddaughter had RSV I’m so sorry I’ll be praying for her,” another person commented.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Grieves With Fellow Parents Going Through the Same Thing

For those who don’t remember, Sadie Robertson and Christian Huff officially got married back in 2019. And the very next year, the happy couple announced that they were expecting a baby girl. So, as you can probably imagine, Robertson and Huff have been going through all kinds of firsts with their first baby. And one of those things has been dealing with their own emotions seeing their child sick.

“She loves making us laugh when we want to be crying, because of her wild and sweet fighter spirit. Seeing the nurses and doctors love her and laugh at her silliness in the midst of sickness has brought joy to a dark room. It’s not over yet, and that is sad, but we are believing for the days to come!”

In conclusion, the Duck Dynasty star ends her post by reassuring other parents out there who are watching their children battle RSV. She wants everybody to know that she knows what they’re going through and that she is grieving with them.

“To all the mamas and dads out there watching their child go through sickness, I grieve with you.”