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‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Huff Hilariously Celebrates Daughter Honey Taking a Nap By Dancing

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

When you finally get your baby down for a nap, it’s a task worth celebrating, or at least, it is for this family. Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson Huff and her husband Christian felt like dancing when their daughter, Honey, was finally asleep. So, once again, they busted out their best moves for their Instagram followers in another rendition of hilarious Huff moments.

Now that little Honey James Huff is four months old, she’s probably getting the hang of her sleep schedule – and not a moment too soon. Surely, her parents miss the sleeping angel the second they close the nursery door. Still, the Duck Dynasty star and her husband seem grateful for those precious few moments when they have the house to themselves. This time, the Huffs cranked up Flo Rida (but not too loud) and danced to “Low.”

Dressed in their usual comfy clothes, the parents performed a choreographed routine in their home. Just like in their video for Walker Hayes’ “Fancy,” the two couldn’t help but laugh the entire time. And of course, Duck Dynasty husband Christian had to end the video with a few freestyle moves. Now that the videos are becoming a regular occurrence, Huff asked for suggestions from fans on what to name their dance breaks.

Check out their routine in the video below.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Shares Adventures with Canine Family Member

While the couple danced around the house, a furry fan crashed the video. Freshly groomed Cabo Pop, the family’s fluffy white Maltipoo came into the frame towards the end of the clip. Named after the Huffs’ honeymoon trip to Los Cabos, the pup has become a favorite among Duck Dynasty fans. Curious as to why her dad made such strange movements, she watched as Christian shook his tail and fell to the ground.

Cabo has been a frequent feature in Sadie Robertson Huff’s Instagram photos in the past. Before Honey James came along, the purse-sized pup was the baby of the house. Since becoming a part of the Duck Dynasty family, Cabo has accompanied the Huffs on many adventures, her favorite being coffee shops. Cabo even has her own Instagram page dedicated to her daily activities.

Now that the pup shares the house and her parents’ love with baby Honey, her life is even sweeter than ever. The two Duck Dynasty family members often take naps together and like to lay on mom while on the couch. Just happy to be with her favorite people, the pup doesn’t seem to miss their adventures to coffee shops too much.