‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Huff and Husband Christian Try Their Hand at Viral ‘Fancy Like’ Trend

by Amy Myers

As any parents of young children know, “fancy” hasn’t been a word in their vernacular since the day they brought home their bundle of joy. Spontaneous nights out to restaurants have become leftover cold slices of pizza in between bath and bedtime. And in those rare moments when they do have free time, it’s spent on the couch catching up on some well-deserved sleep. Now that Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson Huff and her husband, Christian, are parents of a fourth-month-old daughter, they’re discovering just how “fancy” their life isn’t.

If you ask the proud parents, they’ll likely tell you that giving up the more luxurious activities of their past is well worth the trade. Now that little Honey James Huff is a part of their lives, the couple has never seemed happier. To them, those late-night diaper changes and fussy feedings are worth the lost moments of sleep and sanity.

To celebrate their fancy-less life, the Duck Dynasty star and her husband decided to join the current craze all over Instagram and TikTok. Together, the two danced to the song, “Fancy Like” by Walker Hayes. Both are in their comfy clothes, Sadie in her pajamas and Christian in a tee and athletic shorts.

See their impressive moves in Robertson Huff’s post below.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star’s Husband Shows off Hilarious Dance Moves

Whatever Christian Huff’s day job is, he should stick to it. After seeing his dance moves in the video, it’s clear the Duck Dynasty husband is no Broadway dancer. Next to Robertson Huff, the new dad tried to keep up with choreography, but it was clear he was just along for the ride. Once his wife slipped off to the side, Christian decided to freestyle it and show off his backside. As her husband wiggled dramatically in front of the camera, the Duck Dynasty star couldn’t help but laugh.

After the week that these parents have had, no doubt they needed a good laugh to shake off their previous panic. Last Wednesday, doctors admitted little Honey James into the hospital to treat her for a respiratory condition. On Friday, Robertson Huff shared an update with fans and friends on Instagram, expressing the difficulty of watching her child fight such an aggressive illness. Thankfully, though, the following day, doctors cleared the family to return home to finish recovering.

No doubt, the recent video of the Duck Dynasty star and her husband resulted from their happiness of having Honey back home. After four days of uncertainty, it’s likely these parents will opt for a night in with their daughter over a “fancy” night out – at least for a while.