Dwayne Johnson Drops New Action-Packed Clip From Netflix Movie ‘Red Notice’ Also Starring Ryan Reynolds

by Megan Molseed

Who’s ready for some classic Dwayne “The Rock” Johson fighting action? More importantly, who’s ready to watch a little bit of the action as the movie super-star battles Wonder Woman alongside the adorable Ryan Reynolds?

Well, Dwayne Johnson has given audiences exactly that in a sneak-peek of his upcoming Netflix blockbuster during Saturday’s exclusive online Netflix TUDUM event.

During the Saturday, September 25 event, Dwayne Johnson introduced audiences to a clip of his upcoming blockbuster film scheduled to be released on Netflix.

The film, Red Notice, also stars Ryan Reynolds and Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot.

In the upcoming Netflix blockbuster, Dwayne Johnson portrays top FBI profiler, John Hartley. Hartley finds himself in the middle of two competing criminals Nolan Booth (Reynolds) and Sarah Black (Gadot) during a heist.

While there is certainly no shortage of action in this star-studded action film, the movie is also full of laughs – I mean, who doesn’t love Reynolds trying to hilariously keep up with The Rock in the fight scenes? It’s classic Reynolds, that’s for sure…and the sneak peek leaves us wanting so much more!

Dwayne Johnson’s Long Journey To Get ‘Red Notice’ to the Screen

News of this blockbuster project first surfaces in early 2018. Universal was said to have planned the release of the film in 2020.

However, according to reports, the studio turned the idea away because of the film’s projected high cost. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had committed to the film for $20 million. The film’s entire budget was as high as $130m million.

However, Netflix knew a good idea when it appeared.

In 2019, the streaming service announced it was picking up the project. This is Dwayne Johnson’s first-ever Netflix-produced film.

While today’s release marked the first video teaser, Johnson had already given fans a quick peek of the upcoming blockbuster film.

In July, the actor shared a photo of himself and his two costars all dressed up for the film to his Instagram page.

The photo features Dwayne Johnson in some killer tuxedos and Gal Gadot in a devastatingly gorgeous red cocktail dress.

“Ladies & gents [Netflix]’s biggest movie ever #REDNOTICE will premiere in your living rooms around the globe on NOVEMBER 12th,” Johnson wrote in the caption.

“The FBI’s top profiler,” the actor continued in the mid-summer sneak peek. “The world’s most wanted art thief. And the greatest conman the world has never seen.”


The Dwayne Johnson film was one of many sneak peeks dropped Saturday during Netflix’s very first TUDUM event. The worldwide event introduced fans of the streaming service to the many exciting additions that will make it to Netflix over the next few months. From new Netflix Original Series’s to new films, specials, and limited release series, multiple Netflix stars joined in on the inaugural event to celebrate the upcoming Netflix additions.

But, what is Netflix’s TUDUM, exactly?

Say it again, and see if you can hear it…

That’s right! It’s the streaming services name for the sound we hear during the “start-up” of the app. You know the one…the sound we hear as the unmistakable red “N” from the logo appears on the screen.

“You know it when you hear it,” Netflix representatives said in a press release.

“You just rarely see it spelled out,” the explanation continued. “TUDUM is the first beat you hear when you watch a show or movie on Netflix.”