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Dwayne Johnson Films His Daughter’s Hilarious First Reaction to His New Movie Trailer

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

It’s got to be cool to the daughter of Dwayne Johnson. After all, Tia, the youngest of The Rock’s three kids, is able to see movie clips of her dad long before any of us can watch.

And so it was Saturday, when Dwayne Johnson and Tia took in Black Adam. The Rock posted a video clip of Daddy and daughter watching the movie.

He captioned it: “I’ll take “cool.” Breakfast with Black Adam. She’s become quite obsessed with the Man in Black and unlike Maui from Moana, Tia actually believes Black Adam & Daddy are one in the same. She still crushes on (Jason Momoa) AquaMan though. (Who doesn’t).

Dwayne Johnson Finished Filming Black Adam in July

Johnson finished filming Black Adam back in July. The cutting-edge special effects are now being layered into the movie. And it’s set for release next year. No doubt, it’ll be another blockbuster, given that we know everything Dwayne Johnson touches is golden.

So what’s the movie about? Black Adam is an anti-hero. Back in 2007, when Johnson’s name was first attached to the project, the Rock was going to play a villain opposite Shazam. But now, Black Adam is the star of a stand-alone movie.

Hiram Garcia, the president of production for Seven Bucks Productions, recently described the Dwayne Johnson character in an interview with Polygon.

“One of the things I love about Black Adam is all the abilities he has,” Garcia said. “And I wanted to make sure in the movie, he is doing all of those things all throughout. It’s not like you see him move super fast just one time, or you see him fly just one time. So we’re doing techniques that you’ve never seen before to bring him to life: when he flies, the way he uses his speed, the way he uses his strength. You will feel how powerful this hero is — or this antihero, I should say — in the movie. This film is truly utilizing a ton of technology that’s never been done before, especially for how he flies. It’s everything from LED screens, to volumetric cameras to super high-speed photography.”

Dwayne Johnson also has another upcoming project. It’s the sequel to Jungle Cruise. He and Emily Blunt are set to reprise their roles. The movie cracked $100 million in box office receipts by the end of August, making it one of the few blockbusters during the Covid 19 pandemic.

And coincidentally, little Tia helped her dad promote Jungle Cruise earlier this summer. Johnson threw a birthday party for his daughter at the local Chuckee Cheese. And the restaurant had a Jungle Cruise ride. So The Rock and Tia climbed aboard.