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‘FBI: Most Wanted’: Jess LaCroix Actor Julian McMahon Reveals New Agent Who is a ‘Major Asset’ in Upcoming Crossover

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage)

FBI: Most Wanted actor Julian McMahon just revealed a new agent who will be a “major asset” in an upcoming crossover episode.

The premiere of the next season will crossover with FBI and FBI: International. Jess and the rest of his unit help target an international crime ring with the other two teams.

And it turns out, soon-to-be task force member Kristin Gaines, played by Alexa Davalos, is going to be crucial. Gaines starts the season as a Miami Field agent tracking the same suspect as the feds. Jess quickly realizes that she’s quite the agent.

“We join forces,” McMahon told TV Line, “because she has lots of information. She is a real asset.”

That’s good news because it looks like the teams will need all the help they can get with this case.

“The case starts out small and keeps escalating,” McMahon revealed. “We’re talking about lots of power and money.”

And while McMahon is excited for the season premiere of the show, one thing he’s happy about is something he’s portrayed throughout the course of the show.

Julian McMahon is Proud to Represent Working Single Dads in ‘FBI: Most Wanted’

On FBI: Most Wanted, Jess LaCroix is a single father. LaCroix is a single father to a daughter, Tali. Tali’s mother and LaCroix’s wife tragically passed away. Being a single parent with a high-demand job is incredibly strenuous, and McMahon has expressed pride in representing working single dads.

When asked about how much depth being a single father brings to his character during a Q&A, McMahon had a great response.

“I have to tell you, that kind of attribute to the character is one that was very engaging to me,” he explained. “And (it’s) one of the reasons I wanted to be part of the show!”

The Show Will be a Part of an Epic Three Hour Night

FBI: Most Wanted will air in between FBI and FBI: International. The franchise, spearheaded by Law & Order creator Dick Wolf, will air back to back to back on Tuesday nights starting on September 21st. The 21st is using that to its advantage, starting each season with a three-hour crossover event. Dick Wolf has teased that the event is going to be one to watch.

“The crossover embodies what these shows are supposed to be,” Wolf said during a TCA press tour. “All the shows are fiction, I start with that. But there are certain elements that will remind the audience of Jeffrey Epstein [and] other people who have been in the papers over the past year (like) Ghislaine Maxwell. It’s really exciting. It’s not the same story, but it’s a story that, in its scale, not only justifies but thrives on three hours in a row.”