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‘FBI: Most Wanted’ Star Dylan McDermott on How His First Day on Show ‘Worked Out Beautifully’

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

Though Dylan McDermott announced his transition from Law & Order: Organized Crime to FBI: Most Wanted months ago, his Most Wanted debut didn’t occur until this week. Because the jump meant a switch from diabolical gangster to grizzled FBI agent, fans had their doubts. That said, every ounce of uncertainty melted away when Remy Scott, McDermott’s new character, stepped onto the scene.

Dylan McDermott and FBI: Most Wanted producers had every detail of Remy’s backstory and personality ironed out long before the character’s first appearance. McDermott couldn’t have appeared more at ease in the role, generating instant magic on the set.

McDermott was so determined to create the perfect environment for his character’s introduction that he made sure it was truly his first interaction with his fellow actors. In a press conference ahead of Remy Scott’s debut, Dylan McDermott described his approach to his first day on set.

“My first day at work was my introduction to the actors,” the Law & Order star said. “So that was great because Remy was introduced to them and Dylan was introduced to them at the same time. And they asked me, ‘Oh, do you want to meet the actors, and would you like to sit down with them and talk to them?’ I said, ‘No. I want it to be as if it’s Remy’s first day and Dylan’s first day coincides.'”

“So, that was great because it was – they were checking me out,” McDermott continued. “I was checking them out. It was little bit awkward. Not sure. New guy stuff. So, it actually worked out beautifully.”

Dylan McDermott Describes Creating His ‘FBI: Most Wanted’ Character

With more than 30 years of acting experience under his belt, Dylan McDermott knows what it takes to create a compelling character. Because of that, Dick Wolf, executive producer of both Law & Order and FBI: Most Wanted, isn’t afraid to give Dylan free rein when it comes to his roles.

While Dylan McDermott took chances such as smoking cigarettes and cigars on set with his Law & Order character, Richard Wheatley, he took a “weirder” approach with Remy Scott.

In an interview with TV Insider, Dylan McDermott shared that Remy Scott’s weirdness is 100% Dylan’s creation. “I like to surprise people,” McDermott said. “[Executive producer] Dick Wolf gave me carte blanche to create and ad-lib on Organized Crime, and he gives me that freedom on FBI: Most Wanted as well.”

McDermott also shares a bit about Remy Scott’s personality. According to the actor, “Remy is very good at what he does. He’s skilled, he’s intelligent, he’s got a dark, wry sense of humor. He’s physical, heroic, he’s self-effacing and just a little bit weird as well. Put that in blender and you get this guy.”