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‘FBI: Most Wanted’ Star Dylan McDermott Talks How Team Will React to His Character

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

After three seasons as Supervisory Special Agent Jess LaCroix, Julian McMahon made his exit from FBI: Most Wanted, leaving a vacancy in the lead role on the TV show. This was an ideal shift for Dylan McDermott, who was looking for a change from the darker characters he’s portrayed over the last few years.

Through McDermott’s interest in the character and executive producer Dick Wolf’s admiration for McDermott, Supervisory Special Agent Remy Scott was born. The new role marked a shift not only in the actor’s real life but in the world of FBI: Most Wanted as well. With that in mind, how did the fictional Fugitive Task Force team react to Dylan McDermott’s character?

In an interview with TV Insider, the Law & Order star gave a sneak peak into how the FBI unit reacted to Remy Scott after losing their previous leader in such tragic fashion. “The devastated team is checking him out,” McDermott said. “And he’s sizing them up as well.”

Though the new lineup will take some getting used to, Dylan McDermott believes this will only add to the story. “That gives us something to play over time,” McDermott said. “We learn a lot about him in [the first episode], which is great because you’re asking an audience to accept a new lead and they’ll be judging you.”

Dylan McDermott Describes the New FBI Team Leader

Later in the interview, Dylan McDermott was asked to describe his new character. The leap from businessman/mafia member on Law & Order to FBI Special Agent is a large one. But Dylan McDermott already has a thorough understanding of the team leader’s character.

“Remy is very good at what he does,” McDermott said. “He’s skilled, he’s intelligent, he’s got a dark, wry sense of humor, he’s physical, heroic. He’s self-effacing and just a little bit weird as well. Put that in a blender and you get this guy.”

As for his professional background, the Most Wanted actor says, “He’s been in the FBI for a while, most recently in Las Vegas. There’s a personal side that gives him a reason for doing this job. I thought that was really important.”

Dylan McDermott’s Law & Order character was incredibly well-written. However, it was McDermott’s personal touches to the character that truly took it to the next level. Thankfully, he has the green light to inject the same originality into his new character.

When asked if he was the reason for Remy’s weirdness, McDermott replied, “Absolutely. I like to surprise people. [Executive producer] Dick Wolf gave me carte blanche to create and ad-lib on Organized Crime, and he gives me that freedom on FBI: Most Wanted as well.”