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‘FBI’ Showrunner Doesn’t Rule Out Crossover with ‘One Chicago’ and ‘Law & Order’ Shows

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Jim Spellman/Getty Images)

Dick Wolf’s television universe continues to grow, with FBI: International premiering tonight. Showrunner Derek Haas recently spoke to TVLine about the show. Interestingly, he comments not to rule out the possibility of Wolf’s other shows all crossing over with one another.

FBI: International’s debut episode premieres tonight and is set to be a spectacle. Involving a three-way crossover with FBI and FBI: Most Wanted, Haas says “epic” is the perfect word to describe it. With locations like America, Hungary, and Croatia being shown, the three teams will have to work together to “stop the baddest of the bad.”

However, one of the most interesting pieces of information from the interview involves future crossovers. With the FBI franchise, the Law & Order franchise, and the #OneChicago shows all part of Dick Wolf’s television universe, even grander crossovers are possible. While Haas “can’t even think about” the possibility of all eight shows coming together, he says that “knowing Dick Wolf, where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

FBI: International follows the FBI Fly Team, a group stationed in Budapest. Together, they examine and eliminate threats against Americans, striking whenever the chance presents itself. Haas explains “They move from country to country in Europe each week, partnering with international law enforcement to bring criminals to justice. Overall, it’s a fast-paced, action-packed thrill ride.”

Haas also briefly touched upon the things the team will be tackling as the season progresses. According to him, the specialized group will address topics ranging from “a major cryptocurrency theft ring to a global sex trafficking organization that stretches across three shows.”

FBI: International premieres tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern on CBS.

Dick Wolf Says ‘FBI’ Crossover Premiere Will be ‘Really Good Television’

It seems Derek Haas isn’t the only one excited for the big FBI crossover tonight. Speaking to Deadline a little over a week ago, Dick Wolf talks about the exciting event, promising it will be “really good television.”

“I’ve now seen the crossover that kicks off all three shows in two weeks, and it’s really, really good television,” Wolf told Deadline. “And the cast on the FBIs is truly extraordinary. The storytelling is great.”

Further, Wolf praises the cast and expresses happiness at exploring an even more mature basis with the show. “The showrunners are all experienced members of our team. And we’re setting out on what I would call a more mature basis with the entire franchise than we have had the opportunity to be almost in any other situation this quickly.”

Notably, Wolf mentioned some of the fictional storylines will feature similarities to Jefferey Epstein, Steve Bing, and Ghislaine Maxwell. Tonight’s premiere sees the team fly to Croatia to arrest a man who escaped Zagreb. Additionally, he kidnapped a 14-year-old girl.