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‘Gilligan’s Island’ Star Dawn Wells Got ‘Five Times’ More Fan Mail Than Anyone Else on the Show

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Matthew Peyton/Getty Images)

One of the all-time classic TV shows is Gilligan’s Island and actress Dawn Wells definitely received a lot of attention from fans. She played Mary Ann, one of the seven stranded castaways. Usually, fans would write letters to their favorite stars of the show. This was before social media, of course. She got a lot of it as we find out. Between Mary Ann and Ginger, who got the most mail?

Son of ‘Gilligan’s Island’ Creator Says Dawn Wells Got A Lot of Fan Mail

We turn to TV producer Lloyd J. Schwartz for the answer. “That’s the easiest question,” he told Fox News. “Dawn Wells, who played Mary Ann, got five times the fan mail than everybody else. She was the only normal person in the show. She was the one everyone identified with.

“All the other folks were extreme characters,” Schwartz, who is the son of Gilligan’s Island creator Sherwood Schwartz, said. “But Mary Ann seemed like the girl next door. The girls loved her because she was like their best friend. And the guys loved her because she was cute and accessible to them. Ginger (Tina Louise) was a voluptuous movie star. She almost seemed untouchable to mere mortals. But Mary Ann was the cute one who you could easily be friends with.”

Since Sherwood Schwartz died in 2011 at age 94, his son has kept the memories alive. That goes along with millions of fans who have grown up with the show. We get more from Fox News. Lloyd Schwartz did stay in touch with Dawn Wells. Sadly, she died in 2020 of causes related to the coronavirus at age 82.

Lloyd Schwartz Recalls Staying Connected With Wells Over The Years

“We did lots of things together,” Lloyd Schwartz said. “We did some plays together, and we talked quite a bit. She was a really dear person who embraced her character Mary Ann. She loved what Mary Ann represented and the influence it had on people.” He said that Wells loved how she made people feel even all those years later. Oh yeah, she also kept getting fan mail, too. Schwartz said that Wells “adored her fans.”

“I remember we were doing an event somewhere and people couldn’t stop coming up just to say hi to her,” Schwartz said. “As I stood next to her, I realized what her life must have been like. I remember one guy approached her and said, ‘If I had to pick between Ginger and Mary Ann, it would be you.’ She would always respond with a smile and say how nice that was. And then the next guy would come over and say the same thing.”