‘Gold Rush’: Here’s Why Parker Schnabel Has Appeared Less Recently

by Caitlin Berard

From the beginning, Parker Schnabel has been a crucial piece of the Gold Rush puzzle. He appeared on the show in 2011 at the young age of 17 and was such a hit with fans that he got his own spin-off show, Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail, which ran for four seasons. Now, however, fans have noticed that Parker appears on the reality show less and less, leading to speculation about the actor’s health and personal life.

Though the loss of Parker isn’t a positive for fans of Gold Rush, the actor says there’s no need to worry, he’s doing just fine. In fact, his absence from the show is due to a positive in his life: he’s growing his own business! Far from the teenager of a decade ago, Parker Schnabel is now a full-blown adult, taxes and all.

In a recent video posted to Facebook, the young actor gave fans some insight into his absence from Gold Rush. “People who are watching Gold Rush don’t see me as much as they used to,” Schnabel said. “Because, as soon as a business starts getting big enough, you’re dealing with so much paperwork, and permitting, and employee stuff, and accountants, and taxes, and the list goes on and on and on. And, I don’t enjoy the day to day of that, but I enjoy the process, and I enjoy the outcomes.”

Parker Schnabel Called His ‘Gold Rush’ Career ‘Unsustainable’

Though Parker Schnabel has been in mining his entire life (his gold mining career started at the incredibly young age of five), he knows that it can’t go on forever. In the Facebook Q&A, he said that with his decades of experience, he understands that a career in gold mining is “unsustainable.”

Though he loves what he does, he has to keep a practical approach. “The biggest problem that we face is just, that as an industry…in the real world they would call it the ‘total addressable market,’ right?” Schnabel begins. “Which is, if you sell, you know, newspapers, you can only sell newspapers to so many people.”

“In mining, in plaster mining in the Yukon, there’s only so many ounces of gold in the ground. And we’re all fighting for the same ounces. So that’s the big struggle, that there’s this kind of… I guess what I’m trying to say is, the goal of every mining company is to put itself out of business,” the Gold Rush star said. “And your job is to mine as efficiently as possible, and make as much money per ounce that you’re finding as you can”